Tech On Me: My Cover On Stuff Magazine Singapore

I’m sure you’ve probably seen this latest issue of Stuff magazine by now. It’s everywhere. My face on the March 2014 issue of Stuff. Big news. For me, and for Stuff Magazine Singapore who’s celebrating their 50th issue this month. Congrats! Stuff magazine Singapore has done a great job of polishing the look and style of […]

Join #mygirls in getting U…FIT!

Hey everyone! First and foremost, thank YOU so much for your support for #mygirls. I’ve received dozens of photos of the #mygirls adidas ad in the store. It’s nice to know where you’re buying your sporting goods 😉 Earlier this month I visited Kuching for the opening of the first adidas flagship store at CityOne […]

Beauty Cleanse Juice Detox 3-Day Diary

I was already seriously considering buying a juicer so that I could include more fruits and vegetables into my diet. I don’t think many people realize that we’re not eating enough natural foods as we’re so used to eating packaged or processed foods such as bread, rice and tortilla wraps (guilty-as-charged, I love burritos). So […]