A New Chapter Begins At Pure Yoga

Five years ago, I attended my first yoga class on a ‘hot date’ with Charles. He initiated the idea since he had a couple of trial passes to a 90-minute Bikram yoga class. We had just started dating and we were very keen on trying something new together…

I must admit that I didn’t fall in love with yoga immediately. In fact, I felt a little intimidated by it.

Thirty minutes into the class, I started to feel light-headed and had to lie on my mat in a child’s pose (aka balasana). Charles’s mat was soaked with sweat; he had to get another towel. His biggest struggle was maintaining his balance while trying to stretch his stiff muscles. But doing yoga is not about having a flexible body, it’s about working with your body. We knew this. But still. Bikram Yoga was haaaaaard. I thought I was going to pass out.

I was willing to give it another shot, in a non-heated room at least. Yoga wasn’t really Charles’s thing, but we trained together in the gym and played sports instead. I started getting into weight training which eventually led me into taking up a personal training course.

I wanted to work on my flexibility and soon found myself in another yoga class. And another. I continued to take classes sporadically over the years while doing my self-practice at home. I fell in love with it.

Simultaneously, I began transitioning away from occasional yo-yo dieting and strict workout plans focused on some number on the scale to a mentality of self-care and mindfulness.

Yoga taught me not to be so hard on myself in so many ways. It has given me an entirely different relationship with my body, where I judge it by what it can do, rather than its shape.

I thought about doing Yoga Teacher Training for a while…  I want to immerse myself in all aspects of yoga. I want to understand correct alignment, the history and philosophy of yoga, and deepen my meditation practice. I explored various possibilities on when and where I could do the teacher training.

If the circumstances weren’t right, I was fine to put it on hold. Perhaps it was a sign that I wasn’t ready?

Then, a week before Christmas, I found out that Pure Yoga was doing a teacher training on the ‘Roots of Hatha Yoga‘ between January until March.The timing is right for me. I decided to go for it!

Hatha Yoga provides a great foundation as I would learn basic postures (asanas), relaxation and breathing techniques, and terminology that is found in almost every other style of yoga.

Fay pure yoga
Sign me up!
The newly revamped studio is conveniently located on the 18th floor of Ngee Ann City Takashimaya.

The teacher training is led by Arun and Prakash, who have profound depth of experience in Hatha yoga and also teach classes at the Pure Yoga studios in Ngee Ann City and Chevron House.

Here’s a glimpse at what the training looks like so far:

pure yoga teacher training prakash
Prakash explains the eight limbs of yoga.
pure yoga teacher training arun
Hatha yoga practice with Arun.
my pure yoga girlfriends
Lunch break with a few of my fellow yoginis.

The weekend schedule is pretty full-on, with training from 8am until 6.30pm.Weekday training is from 7pm until 9pm, which is more manageable for working professionals. The training time is well organised and every minute is used purposefully. I look forward to the practice everyday and connecting with the other students attending the course.

Nothing beats a room full of strong, shining yogis, on their mats, inspiring, challenging and sharing in this beautiful practice.




Getting Lost In Germany

I was over the moon when I found out I get the chance to visit Europe again after two years since my trip to the Nestlé headquarters in Switzerland. This time I flew to Germany for an exclusive tour of the adidas global headquarters. What a dream!

Before I take you through the badass sporty world of adidas, here are some photos from the first day I arrived in the city of Nürnberg. I’ve always been fascinated by the history and architecture of castles. My mission was to find the Nürnberg castle. I decided to walk since it was *supposedly* not too far from my hotel. I wandered the city alone, without a map (other than my phone that had no data roaming) or clue to where the castle was. A little adventurous; a little silly, really…

With a bit of help from some locals, I managed to find my way to the castle. Not without getting a little bit lost!

Gym o'clock! Arrived in Nürnberg two hours ago from Singapore. Managed to get a restful sleep on the red-eye flight that I didn't feel tired at all.
Gym o’clock! Arrived in Nürnberg two hours ago from Singapore. Managed to get a restful sleep on the red-eye flight that I didn’t feel tired at all.

adidas zx

St Lorenz
St. Lorenz (St. Lawrence) is a medieval church of the former free imperial city of Nuremberg in southern Germany. The church was badly damaged during the Second World War and later restored.

adidas neo

nuremberg adidas neo


German beer while in Germany? Why not!
German beer while in Germany? Why not!
View from the top of the Nürnberg castle.
Jackpot! View from the top of the Nürnberg castle. I was so glad I didn’t get too lost although it took me two hours to find the castle when it should’ve been thirty minutes.

nuremberg castle germany

nurnberg castle germany

adidas vespa
Found my ride to adidas. Where’s the key?

How ReLEx Smile Changed The Way I See

I received my first pair of glasses when I was about nine years old. I didn’t like them. Kids in school used to make fun of my big ‘ol glasses and two ponytails…

Fay glasses

Not my best look… 😛

At fifteen, I moved on to contact lenses. I guess I followed my older sister Alyssa’s footsteps since she had started wearing colored contacts. I was more than happy to get rid of my glasses. It felt like a rite of passage to move on from glasses to contact lenses.

Without my glasses, I felt more confident in being active and playing contact sports in school such as Captain’s ball. I used to love that game! Except when the ball hit me in the face while I had my glasses on, ouch.

Even running was a breeze; I didn’t have my glasses slipping down my sweaty nose. It was cool to step out of an air-conditioned room and not have my glasses fog up, paralyzing my vision for a few seconds. Needless to say, switching from glasses to contacts was easy.

I became really dependent on wearing them. I developed a bad habit of wearing them for too long that sometimes it made my eyes extremely dry. I’ve even worn my contacts to sleep, especially when traveling on long haul flights. I switched from monthly contacts to extended wear daily contacts since I realised I needed to wear them for the most part of the day. Even the daily contacts didn’t help very much with the occasional dry eyes; I guess I just shouldn’t be wearing them for more than 12 hours a day!

Once it got so dry that the contacts literally fell out of my eye.

Alyssa did LASIK a few years ago, when she was my age. (Quite a fateful coincidence now that we think of it!) I just turned a year older in August and I was curious to find out if I was eligible for refractive surgery too. Perhaps this was another rite of passage for me – from wearing glasses to contacts lens to permanently correcting my eyesight!


What is laser vision correction surgery/refractive surgery? Laser vision correction surgery, also known as refractive laser eye surgery refers to any surgical treatment using lasers to correct problems such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, to decrease your dependency on glasses or contact lens.

How does it work? The treatment works by reshaping the cornea (the clear front portion of the eye) so that light traveling through is properly focused onto the retina for a sharp and clear image.


I scheduled an appointment at one of the LASIK clinic at Paragon Medical on September 3rd. On the day of consultation, I had to undergo a few eye tests/pre-refractive surgery evaluation that will provide detailed information on the health of my eyes. I couldn’t wait to get LASIK done!



Alyssa accompanied me to the LASIK Clinic in Paragon. Turns out she did LASIK at the same clinic too, six years ago!

When I arrived at the clinic, I had to fill out some forms with my personal particulars and medical history. My nurse was very thorough with her explanation on the pre-refractive surgery evaluation. The evaluation process took about two hours.

We started the evaluation process with five different machines that gave specific information about my eyes. 1) The auto-refractor evaluates my prescription. 2) Next was the non-contact tonometer that assesses the eye pressure. 3) The wavescan machine picks up imperfections in the eye so that the lasik procedure can provide a precise correction (aka it determines which part of the cornea needs to be lasered). 4) The orb scan analyses the corneal thickness.

refractive surgery eye tests


The orb scan looked like a hypnotic device! Pretty cool.

Lastly, 5) the penta-cam – it measures cornea thickness and cross sectional view of the anterior structure such as the iris and lens.

We moved from one machine to the other quite briefly. The tests didn’t take more than five minutes each. I was perplexed to find out that it took so many different machines to analyze the eyes, just goes to show how complex our eyes are.

eye tests 2

I’m sure many of you would’ve had to do this Visual Acuity Test to find out the prescription of your eyes if you ever needed to wear glasses. The test measures the sharpness of vision by grading the ability of the eye to discern diminishing sizes of alphabets, numbers or shapes at a specified distance of six metres.

eye tests

Here’s the medical lowdown on my eyes:

Right eye: 725° myopia / 100° astigmatism

Left eye: 550° myopia / 100° astigmatism

As you see, I have a pretty high prescription and what is considered near-sightedness or myopia, which is fairly common. The prevalence of myopia in Singapore is one of the highest in the world, affecting around 20% of children aged seven years and 80% of boys by the time they enter National Service.

The good news is, my eye prescription hadn’t changed for over four years. Bear in mind that eye prescriptions tend to change throughout your twenties. If you can prove that you have a stable prescription, you might be a good candidate for laser eye surgery.

My nurse helped to apply dilating eye drops for the second round of Visual Acuity Test. My eyes stung just a little bit, but only momentarily.

Relaxing the focusing muscles of the eye allows for a more accurate measurement of refractive error. It is extremely important that they get the most precise readings, hence the tests had to be very thorough.

eye evaluation

While waiting for the dilating eye drops to take effect, I watched a short animated video on the different types of laser eye surgeries to correct myopia. It gave me a clear idea on how the procedures are done, what to expect and the preparations required pre and post surgery.

After watching the video, I did a second round of the Visual Acuity Test followed by a consultation with the doctor.

Based on my eye test results, my doctor concluded that I was a suitable candidate for either LASIK or ReLEx Smile.

What is ReLEx Smile?

ReLEx Smile is entirely different from LASIK, as there is no longer the need to create a corneal flap. Instead, a small incision is made in the cornea and the lenticule is dissected and extracted through the small incision. In general, ReLEx Smile has minimal post-op discomfort as only a micro incision is made on the corneal surface. This means 1) faster recovery time and 2) almost no pain and 3) less susceptibility to trauma or complications post-surgery.


Is it safe? I had to ask if my doctor did any corrective eye surgery himself. He did LASEK a years ago, before ReLEx Smile was introduced. From his experience, LASEK was a little more painful and took a slightly longer time to heal.

relex smile vs lasik

I was very excited about this new and advanced technology, it was also important to know:

How experienced is my doctor with ReLEx Smile?

 “I just did ReLEx Smile surgery for two clients this morning”, he said with a smile. I found out that he started doing the procedure since 2012 and so far, had no complications with any of his clients.

After answering a lot of my questions, I found confidence in my doctor and we scheduled the surgery for the very next day.



I arrived at the clinic just before 10am. The nurses were already busy preparing the surgery room. I had to read and sign a surgery consent form. I read everything thoroughly, in case I had any doubts or questions to ask the doctor. It wasn’t too late to back out. (For a split second I wanted to chicken out because I was scared!)

But all’s good. I knew I was in good hands.

signing consent form

I was eager to get through with the surgery but at the same time, a little nervous. This is going to be life-changing! The doctor gave me a valium for my anxiety, which helped calm my nerves. I tend to get really sweaty hands when I’m anxious.

the last time I wore my glasses

That was the last time I wore those glasses. Alyssa had to wear a surgical gown too so she could enter the surgery room.

Before the surgery, my nurse gave step-by-step instructions on what I needed to do post-surgery.

post relex smile surgery

  • Wear the protective eye shields or goggles for the first 24 hours, then nightly for a week when I sleep.
  • Optive lubricating eyedrops every hour or as often as needed
  • Vigamox and Maxidex eyedrop: 1 drop per eye every 2 hours until bedtime on the 1st day of surgery followed by 1 drop per eye 4 times a day from the 2nd day to the 14th day. I had to apply Vigamox followed by Maxidex eyedrops at least 5 minutes apart.
  • Lidcare eye wipes to clean the eye area in the morning and night for the first 3 days. I wasn’t allowed to wash my face as it might get soap or water in the eyes.

She then applied some antiseptic to clean the eye area as a preparation for the surgery.

lasik preparation

Suction on.” I heard a robotic female voice. “Ready.” I focused on the green light as instructed. I kept very still and continued to breathe deeply and slowly. The laser treatment took about 30 seconds to precisely create the refractive lenticule. A micro incision of about 2 to 4 mm was created.

“Suction off.” The bed moved away from under the blue light and Doc manually extracted and removed the refractive lenticule through the micro incision. I tried to imagine what the procedure looked like from a third person the whole time. For me, it just felt like the doctor was “cleaning” my eye. I couldn’t focus my eyes and all I could see was a blurry light.

Finally, Doc cleaned my eye with a clean cotton wipe again and removed the metal clamp. The right eye was done. Other than a slight discomfort, there was no pain at all. The procedure took about five minutes for each eye. It was all over very quickly!

I tried to open my eyes but the eyelids felt a really heavy. The feeling was quite similar to chopping onions, minus the stinging. Doc did one last eye check and told me that I was good to go!

relex smile procedure

All Smiles

The nurses adviced me to take the sleeping pills when I got home. This would allow my eyes time to heal and help me get through the uncomfortable phase after the numbing drops wore off.

As soon as I got home, I slept the whole afternoon with the googles on. I woke up every two hours to have a little peek of my new vision. It was still a little blurry but improved every time I went back to sleep and woke up again. AMAZING!

The aftercare instructions were essentially no eye makeup for a week (meh), no exercise for at least three days (that’s not so bad), no washing of the face and hair with soap for the next two days (eeeks) and no water sports for the first month. It hasn’t been a month since the surgery yet; I can’t wait to be able to see underwater!

The next day, I returned to the clinic on my own for the first post-op review. I was already able to see clearly enough, although it wasn’t 100% yet. I did another Visual Acuity Test followed by a brief consultation with the doctor.

relex smile post-op review

I felt totally normal. It’s like wearing contact lenses, except I’m not! These are my real eyes and I’m able to see with them perfectly. I can’t stop saying how amazing ReLEx Smile technology is. To be able to see the minute I open my eyes in the morning is the most refreshing feeling, still quite new to me.

I had a second post-op review a week later. My eyes were pretty much healed and Doc gave me the green light to start wearing eye make-up again.

20/20 vision! It’s almost surreal to think it was attainable for me. I gotta give it to my doctor for the meticulous work he had to do on my eyes. He did such an amazing job!

The following day after the second post-op, I flew to Germany for a chance to visit the Adidas headquarters in Nürnberg. I made sure I consistently used the antibiotic eyedrops and lubricating drops as directed to avoid any chance of dry eyes.

 freedom at last

I can’t wait to share my next journey through my new vision. Stay tuned!

Tech On Me: My Cover On Stuff Magazine Singapore

I’m sure you’ve probably seen this latest issue of Stuff magazine by now. It’s everywhere. My face on the March 2014 issue of Stuff. Big news. For me, and for Stuff Magazine Singapore who’s celebrating their 50th issue this month. Congrats!

stuff mag mar 2014

Fay hokulani stuff covers

Stuff magazine Singapore has done a great job of polishing the look and style of their magazine in the recent years. Content-rich, useful and up-to-date reviews and news on the latest tech stuff – I love it. Stuff is also featuring more software and apps rather than just hardware like they used to. (Tip: Look out for the “Projects” section as they focus on Apps that can make you do just about everything on your phone.)

It’s my 3rd cover on Stuff (the best one if I had to say so myself, hehe)  and I love that I got to be more involved this time by modeling for their cover and also writing a review on the adidas miCoach Smart Run. In this issue, there’s all the hype on wearable tech. Grab yourself a copy if you’re looking for an honest review on the Google Glass, Pebble, Misfit Shine and adidas miCoach Smart Run.

Check out my review on the adidas miCoach Smart Run.

stuff adidas micoach

Another major news for Stuff is the launch of Stuff.tv in Asia. After its launch a few months ago, they gave me the opportunity to share my thoughts as a gadget geek by writing a review on some of my favorite fitness gadgets. Some useful info for you fitness enthusiasts out there, read: ‘6 Perfect Gadgets For Working Out‘ and ‘6 Must-Have Gadgets For Marathon Runners‘.

The website will soon be available in multi language versions such as Thai, Vietnamese and Bahasa. There’s always an update in the technology world so stay informed with Stuff.tv – set it as your homepage or add to bookmarks. Do this, you must.

Oh, and if you haven’t heard (because you haven’t gotten a copy of Stuff, obviously), Stuff is looking for tech-savvy cover girl in this year’s Cover Girl Search. The winner will pose on the cover of Stuff August issue, blog and review for Stuff.tv and become a Stuff ambassador at their offline events. Loads of amazing prizes on top of that too – a one-year modelling contract with Singapore’s Phantom Models (optional), a  Canon DSLR camera, a Nokia 1020 smartphone and Funan Digital Mall, Clarke Quay and Zalora vouchers and more. (I’d join the contest just to win prizes. Shh. Spoken like a true gadget geek…)

Here’s your chance. It’s now or never! Send in your entries here . If you refer the winner, you’ll bag S$250 cash. Spread the word. Contest ends 20 March 2014 (Thursday)!

Check out the photos from our Cover Girl Search in Clarke Quay last Wednesday on the Stuff Facebook page. Feel free to overuse the Like button on their page :)

stuff cgs 2014

In other news, The planet’s 10 most desirable geek girls. Thank you, Stuff.

2014: Getting To Know Ourselves

“Embrace and make peace with where you are, and your journey toward something new will feel much more peaceful, rewarding, and satisfying.”

It can be very hard to know ourselves; it’s easy to be distracted by the way we wish we were, or think we ought to be, or what others think we should be, until we lose sight of what is actually true. Since my trip to Vikasa last November, I’ve been inspired to meditate more in order to create self-awareness and reflect deeper on my thoughts. 

Instead of coming up with a whole list of new year resolutions, this year I came up with a lifetime resolution. I’m focusing more attention on my mind and soul while taking care and nourishing my body for good health. I’d like to be more  in touch with my deeper thoughts, emotions and relationships with others. 

Why is this suddenly important to me?

For most of us life is a series of practiced steps. Daily, weekly, monthly routines…routines piggyback routines as months turn into years and our lives race by. Have you ever stopped asked yourself why?

Why do I follow these routines? What do they do for me? Are they moving me towards my higher goals? Are they moving me towards my life’s purpose? Are they helping me become the person I want to be?

To answer these questions and to re-evaluate our assumed routines, we need to increase our self-awareness. Being self-aware can help us re-prioritise our lives so that we live in accordance with what really matters to us; so that every day we are moving ourselves closer to the place and the person we want to be.

Self-awareness is more than just knowing our strengths and weaknesses. Becoming self-aware means acknowledging that there are things we do that keep us from living the life we want. That is why increasing self-aware is difficult; it means asking hard questions; it means facing ourselves fully; it means recognizing and admitting our limitations.

When we fully know and understand ourselves; when we can look at our vulnerabilities and not cringe, we will be able to make changes. We will be able to stop repeating the same mistakes. We will be able to consciously adopt new routines that do move us towards the person and the place we want to be.

Join me on this new journey of self-discovery. Let’s get to know ourselves and open up to those who provide inspiration in our lives. Be happy.  Appreciate this moment.  Resist nothing.  Love yourself and others.  Be  grateful for small blessings.  Make happiness your number one priority.

*     *     *     *     *

So there. That’s what my mind has been occupied with in the last two months since I updated this blog. I hope it gives you something to think about… Speaking of updates, let’s pick it up from where we left off – from around November 2013 until now. Prepare for a long post!

Embrace change.
Embrace change.

When friends saw my new haircut they asked “Why did you cut your hair?”

I asked myself why having long hair had been so important to me and I’ll be honest, I realized it had something to do with some deep insecurities… 1) I’d play with my hair when I felt nervous and 2) most men tend to think women look more beautiful with long hair.

So fucking what.

Let’s set this straight: It’s not about your hair, it’s not about looking good with make-up on. I wanted to feel confident the way I am and I wanted to try something new for myself. So I turned to my stylist Glenn, from Essensuals Bugis, and told him I want to brave a new haircut. I fell in love with it immediately. I wouldn’t have known I’d like something different for myself had I not stepped outside the comfort zone.

Charles grew a mo’ for Movember, changing his look entirely as the weeks passed. I didn’t realize how different he looked until the end of the month when he finally shaved it off! I’m happy with my mo’less Charles.

Straight razor = TRUST
Straight razor = TRUST

December was Charlie’s birthday and we celebrated with an intimate dinner with some close friends at Don Quijote.

Celebrating another year wiser with the love of my life.
Celebrating another year wiser with the love of my life.

On his birthday weekend, we checked out the treetop walk at Macritchie with our good friend, Mark. If you haven’t been here before, it’s definitely worth checking out! The view is amazing. It just feels good to be surrounded by nature.

Keeping our weekends together active, adventurous and breathtaking.
Keeping our weekends together active, adventurous and breathtaking.

We spent Christmas in Hong Kong with Charlie’s family and enjoyed more outdoorsy stuff…

Hiking in Sai Kung West Country Park with Charlie's dad, his two little brothers and pet dogs - Sunny and Blackie.
Hiking in Sai Kung West Country Park with Charlie’s dad, his two little brothers, Sam and James.
Good dogs, Sunny and Blackie. They made us wish we had our own dogs!
Good dogs, Sunny and Blackie. They made us wish we had our own dogs.
The dogs seem to know their "good side" lol
The dogs seem to know their “good side” lol
Taking a break while enjoying the beautiful view from the top.
Taking a break while enjoying the beautiful view from the top.
Just being us.
Just being us.
After a big feast on Christmas Day, we spent the day out at Ocean Park.
After a big feast on Christmas Day, we spent the day out at Ocean Park.
With Rachelle, James and Sam.
With Rachelle, James and Sam.
Flash ride!
Flash ride!
It's fun to be a little kid again with no adults telling us what we can't do at a theme park, haha!
It’s fun to be a little kid again. It’s fun to be with kids <3
mi adidas travel essentials
mi adidas travel essentials

After a week in Hong Kong spending quality time with the family, we headed back to Singapore to re-pack our bags for a holiday in Bali. Looks like Denpasar airport just got upgraded to meet the high demand of tourists coming into town during peak season.

I've never seen airport airport this crowded before!
I’ve never seen Denpasar airport this crowded before…

 We stayed in Ubud for the first time to avoid the crowded areas like Kuta and Seminyak during the holiday season.

A small river just a few steps down from our villa in Ubud.
A small river just a few steps down from our villa in Ubud.
Cycling in Ubud was a bit of an adventure for me since I hadn't cycled in years!
Cycling in Ubud was a bit of an adventure for me since I hadn’t cycled in years! My legs were aching the next day but it was a fun little adventure and I’m happy we got to see the more peaceful and green countryside of Bali.
In our natural element.
In our natural element.
Duck farm in Ubud.
You’ll see a plenty of duck farms in Ubud.

We had a lovely dinner at Il Giardino on New Years Eve, definitely check out this restaurant if you’re craving Italian food in Bali! Romantic atmosphere, great service and really, really good Italian food. Weather was not on our side though, as it poured the whole night. We decided to skip Kuta after dinner since we figured traffic might be bad on the way there especially with the rain… and it was, even those in Kuta had trouble getting around as roads were blocked for NYE). We ended the night with a bottle of wine.

The next morning, we checked out and took a flight on Merpati airlines to Lombok. The flight was delayed for a while, most likely due to the bad weather, but I heard this happens a lot with Merpati. Despite the challenges, it was our first time in Lombok and definitely not the last.

Arcing away from the northwest corner of Lombok, are 3 idyllic atolls, where the sand is still powdery white, the water a clear sparkling turquoise, and the sunsets over Bali’s volcano Mt. Agung in the west simply spectacular. Described as pearls in the ocean and located just north of Lombok, the Gili Islands, which comprises the three islands of Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan, are fringed with white sands and lush palm trees.

We ventured to Gili Air, after we finally managed to charter a private boat to take us there. I feared we wouldn’t get to go at first because of the bad weather but luckily… the sun came up for a while!

Boats to the Gili Islands.
Boats to the Gili Islands.
Searching the sun.
Searching the sun.
Gili Air is less touristy and busy than Meno and Trawangan.
Gili Air is less touristy and busy than Meno and Trawangan. Gili Air is the second smallest of the islands and the closest to mainland Lombok, making it popular with honeymoon couples and travellers seeking a quiet retreat. No cars at all, just bikes and donkeys.
horse-drawn carts (more like donkey-drawn carts) known as "cidomos" add to the laid-back atmosphere, shuttling tourists to and fro on the narrow dirt roads.
Horse-drawn carts (more like donkey-drawn carts) known as “cidomos” add to the laid-back atmosphere, shuttling tourists to and fro on the narrow dirt roads.
The sun was hidden behind the clouds but the waters were still clear when we went snorkeling.
The sun was hidden behind the clouds but the waters were beautiful and clear when we went snorkeling.
I spotted a stripped sea snake. This was taken with the GoPro 2.
I spotted a stripped sea snake! This was taken with the GoPro 2. Charles said he also spotted a puffer fish.

We were lucky that it stopped raining for a few hours that day because as soon as we got back to our villa, it started raining cats and dogs… all night.

We checked out the next day and drove to Kuta (Lombok) for lunch at restaurant in Novotel. I’d love to stay there next time, the hotel villas looked amazing… the best part is, the beach was only a few steps away.

Novotel. Kuta, Lombok.
Novotel. Kuta, Lombok.
Drinks by Breeze.
Drinks by Breeze.
Bali's little sister island Lombok has all the innocence of untouched beauty, with a little more shine and a whole lot less traffic than its big sister island.
Bali’s little sister island Lombok has all the innocence of untouched beauty, with a little more shine and a whole lot less traffic than its big sister island.
Lonely tree on Kuta.
Check out that lonely tree on Kuta beach (Lombok).

After a lunch, we flew back to Bali on Merpati Air and stayed at a beach house in Padang Padang. The house was exactly 90 steps down the cliff, a bit of an adventure to get to but it was right by the beach. During high tide, usually at night, bigger waves would crash onto our decks.

View from the deck.
View from the deck.
Probably the closest you can get to the ocean without getting wet. In a place you can call a home.
Probably the closest you can get to the ocean without getting wet. In a place you can call a home.
Who needs TV when you have a view of the ocean?
Who needs TV when you have a view of the ocean?
Surfers in Padang Padang.
Surfers in Padang Padang.
This crab got washed in when the waves crashed...
This crab got washed in when some bigger waves crashed onto our decks during high tide at night…
So did this sea snake!
So did this sea snake!

It was straight back to work after that longholiday. Getting back into my usual training was a struggle at first but seeing people workout at UFIT, even the trainers, gave me the motivation I needed. I met the winners of #fitwithfay + #mygirls contest and gave them their free yoga mat plus 1-hour trial personal training at UFIT.

Hope you all enjoyed the PT session and make use of that pink adidas yoga mat daily!

all in for mygirls

When Stuff magazine Singapore asked if I wanted to shoot for their cover and write a review about the adidas miCoach Smart Run, I was more than happy to, especially being I’m a huge gadget nerd myself. Gotta love Stuff, it’s a great magazine to refer to if you’re curious about the latest tech toys in town, it might even give you some gift ideas for that special someone.

Featuring wearable tech in the upcoming March 2014 issue of Stuff magazine Singapore.
In this March issue, they’re featuring some futuristic wearable tech.
Don't miss the March issue of Stuff Magazine Singapore Edition! In fact, grab a few copies in case your friends try to jack it :D
Don’t miss the March issue of Stuff Magazine Singapore Edition! In fact, grab a few copies in case your friends try to jack it :D

I visited KL for a cover shoot for Health & Beauty magazine and stayed for the weekend to hangout with old friends. Miss ’em!

Screenshots from the Health & Beauty magazine cover in Kuala Lumpur.
Screenshots from the Health & Beauty magazine cover in Kuala Lumpur.

Charlie and I spent the following weekend in Bangkok for a friend’s wedding ( #JahKnightWedding ). Even bumped into #mygirls Thailand, Si Phitsinee there!

Bumped into sporty sister, Si Phitsinee, at wedding in Bangkok. #mygirls !
Bumped into sporty sister, Si Phitsinee, at a friend’s wedding in Bangkok. #mygirls !

 Alright that’s all I have for now. Next, I’ll share a bit about the adidas miCoach Smart Run, healthyMEtv, Boombot Rex speakers and my favorite green juice recipes. Stay tuned!