Growing With Nestle

Rise and dine. My favorite meal of the day – breakfast. Oatmeal pancakes, waffle sandwiches, cereal mixed with fresh fruits, scrambled eggs and toast… Mmm. I like a big breakfast. On weekends however, I prefer something light (starting with a protein shake and, or a muesli bar) because instead of a big breakfast, my weekend treat is BRUNCH.

Epicurious @ Robertson Quay always hit the spot. Charles and I used to eat here almost every weekend when we lived in Singapore. Their delicious eggs benedict is the top reason why we sometimes force ourselves out of bed earlier during the weekend. You snooze, you lose! After much anticipation, I finally went there again for lunch over the F1 weekend a couple of weeks back. How I’ve missed it!

I was delighted when the waiter asked if I wanted only egg whites for my scrambled eggs. He must’ve noticed my workout gear and immediately assessed – seeing I’m the kind ‘fitness freak’ who would ditch the yolk to cut calories. Now I wouldn’t call myself a fitness freak, but he was right. Just egg whites for my scrambled eggs, please!

Epicurious at The Quayside
#01-02 The Quayside, Robertson Quay
Tel: 6734-7720

I love how the food is served in classic retro porcelain plates. Reminds me of the good ol’ days growing up in Singapore…

Before I learned to dunk Oreo cookies in milk, I was dipping biscuits in hot Milo. I love oats now, but I grew up with Nestum. Good mornings start with hard-boiled eggs on toast, sprinkled with white pepper and some soya sauce. Chili sauce is always preferred. (Charles says that’s probably one of the things that makes me uniquely Singaporean, because Asian Americans like him favor ketchup.)

Ahh, those nostalgic days. How I treasure those memories of Singapore.

Check this out – The Nostalgia Talking Parrot, Ah Hock, says what you love about the good old days speaks a lot about your character now. Think this could be true? Go back in time and take this personality test to find out!

I must say, he was quite precise about me!

My dad actually called me out once for treating our home like a hotel because I’m always traveling. Ah Hock is a wise parrot!

This year, Nestlé celebrates its 100th year in Singapore. What a successful journey it’s been for the brand! I’m happy to have shared many nourishing years with Nestlé products such as Milo, Milkmaid, Nestum and Cheerios.

To commemorate this milestone, Nestlé is giving back by fulfilling the wishes of 100 lucky people this year. If you have a wish that fits the “Good Food, Good Life” theme, share it with Nestlé and it may just come true!

What will you wish for?

Coincidentally, like Kenny Choo, who wished for a Milo van at his wedding, my sister is getting married in December and my simple wish for her is to have a Kit Kat wedding cake. She is a huge Kit Kat fan! Now if it were up to me, I’d choose green tea flavor. Aly claims she’s tried more than 20 different flavors (there’s gotta be at least 100 different flavors out there!) but her favorite is still the classic.

Back in 2009. Aly used to bring home different flavors of Kit Kat from Japan when she comes back for a visit.

Admittedly, I like chocolates too. Occasionally. Especially dark chocolate! Speaking of chocolate, have you seen the new Milo 3-in-1 with ‘Less Sugar’? Kudos to Milo for making an effort to promote a healthier option!

Breakfast on-the-go! I like to pack my cereal in ziplock bags when I’m traveling.

And now for the BIG NEWS… Nestlé is fulfilling one of my wishes. I can soon check off “Travel to Europe” from my bucketlist because I’m flying to Switzerland tonight to visit the home of Nestlé in Vevey! I’ve always wanted to travel to Europe and what better place to start than Switzerland. I’m so grateful to be given this opportunity to visit interesting Nestlé landmarks like the Alimentarium and the Cailler chocolate factory. My heart is racing from all the excitement.

Bon voyage!

Elite Boxing Is Coming To Malaysia!

Calling all iron fists and Muay Thai fans, Elite Boxing has finally made it to Malaysia! After successfully bringing in high profile Muay Thai events (Thailand vs Challenger Series) to Dubai, Thailand, Russia and Germany in the last 3 years, Elite Boxing has chosen MALAYSIA for the country’s BIGGEST Muay Thai event yet.

I’m thrilled to share that I will be co-hosting ‘Thailand Vs. Asia – The Best of Malaysia‘ with Elite Boxing’s brand ambassador and local actress, Diana Danielle. The red carpet event will be held next Tuesday, 9 October 2012, at Sunway Pyramid Convention Center starting at 7pm.

We just held a press conference at Butter Factory last week where we announced that local fashion designer, Amir Luqman, will be designing batik style dresses for the event. So it’s not just about watching who gets beat down and who will triumph, there will also be live red carpet interviews and a fashion show! An official after-party is in order after the match at Butter Factory KL and I hear we’re even gonna have an ‘Elite Boxing Ring Girl’ Contest… ;)

Thailand Vs. Asia – The Best of Malaysia (Fashion Fighter Press Conference) @ The Butter Factory KL

Don’t miss it!

4 more days to go!

Get your tickets now at For more info about the Thailand VS Asia event, visit this link:

See ya there!

Congrats To The 3 Lucky TASTE Subscribers!

Congrats to the contest winners & subscribers of TASTE e-magazine! They have each won themselves a Maxitone Sculptress set which includes a mini shaker, protein powder, meal replacement/ protein bar and Sculptress tablets worth $115!

To win the contest all they had to do was susbcribe to TASTE e-magazine and answer a very simple question:

What is one dish that Fay recommends and why?

The best answer: One dish that Fay recommends is Grilled Salmon with Broccoli for its high-protein content and its richness in Omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon’s insulin properties further help build muscle and aid in losing that stubborn layer of abdominal fat to show off great, killer abs! Served as a perfect accompaniment; broccoli, a good source of antioxidant that helps keep skin supple. With its high folate content and anti-cancer properties, broccoli serves as a perfect round-up to a delicious, satisfying meal!

Thank you for subscribing and enjoy your Maxitone products!

Maxitone Sculptress meal replacement bar is one of my favorite things... It was featured in my interview for Shape magazine (Malaysia) May 2012 issue!


Adidas Brings Out The Best Woman In You

I’m blessed! I’ve always been an adidas girl for as long as I’ve done sports so I was thrilled to hear that they wanted me to be a part of their new women’s campaign. In line with their new Spring/Summer 2012 Sport & Style collection, the campaign is inspired by next generation athletes who embody the adidas brand anthem ‘adidas is all in’. Now I don’t know about you, but when I put on my adidas, I feel like I’m ready to take on any challenge! That’s exactly what this campaign is about – it’s for women who dare.

So a few weeks ago, I did a video shoot with adidas. The video was released 2 weeks later at the media event held at Teeq & Rootz in Kuala Lumpur. Here it is…

Absolutely LOVED the campaign photos too!





Some outtakes from the shoot…

Minimal make-up, high-tops & a whole load of ass-kicking.

I had quite a workout that day! It was pretty much a full-day of exercise, haha!

 The media event was hosted by Hansen Lee and the show kicked off with this group of fitness instructors who definitely HAD THE MOVES! ;)

At the media event showcasing the new adidas Spring/Summer 2012 Women’s collection. These girls did an amazing, high energy performance involving aerobics, dance and combat! Loved it!

With host, Hansen Lee :)

 Thank you for all the support and the love on my blog. I never expected that it would take me this far and I’m so grateful to YOU, my readers! YOU keep me going and this blog rolling.  I’m pleased to share that I’m currently taking a personal training course with ACE Fitness (about time!) as I realized that THIS is what I really want to get into. So here’s to another chapter in my fitness journey… Carpe diem!

My Feature In The Star Malaysia

I’m so happy to share that I was featured in The Star Malaysia iPad app on 2nd November 2011 [download it here!]. My blog is getting so much love and I’d like to thank YOU for making that happen.

Do continue to learn, comment, share your knowledge and live fit, my Lovers.

Almost bit my tongue here :P

Tighten those abs!

Things you can do at home… Besides sitting on your couch :)

Strengthen your back.

Still flabby? You ain’t getting lean if you don’t lift!

*elbows in a locked position

Thank you to all my readers… You made this happen!

ZENERGY Boulder Craze: The Most Explosive Climbing Event Of The Year

As mentioned in my previous post, rock-climbing is one the most calorie-consuming workouts out there that builds up strength and agility.  It’s a very popular sport amongst students who take it up as an extra-curricular actitivy in school and some even started training at the age of 14!

The first climbing showcase in Malaysia took place during the ZENERGY Boulder Craze 2011 on 24th September outside theCURVE Shopping Mall.

 The event was organized by newcomers into the sporting events scene, ZENERGY Sports, who aim to bring non-mainstream sports to the fore through fun, exciting and unique events such as Boulder Craze.

As a special guest at this unique event, I was invited to meet with 24 of the participants from around the region, including some of the best climbers from Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong and Malaysia.
With the hosts of the event, Janell Tan and Faizal Ariffin.
The 17ft high outdoor wall was designed differently for the 2 categories – Men and Women. Participants were only allowed to use the natural strengh of their hands and legs (no safety harnesses except for a thick foam mat that covered the stage floor).
Mr. Lok Hon San, founder of ZENERGY, giving his speech just before the unveiling of the outdoor rock-climbing wall.
Qualifying rounds took place in the afternoon with the women’s category giving it a headstart followed by the men’s category.
The paths were very challenging, as it requires a lot upper and lower body strength as well as a steady handgrip.
Flexibility also plays a part in this sport as you are required to reach for the climbing holds, which can be spread out from each other.

 (Read more about Climbing Holds.)

With Mr. Lok Hon San, Founder of Zenergy, and Mr. Daniel Chew, Head of Productions for Montagna Zone Sdn Bhd.
Safety first! Paramedics were on stand-by, just in case.
Interviewing one of the judges and one of the pioneers of Sport Climbing in Malaysia Mr. Alif Lim Kien Wei and a quick photo with Janell. I knew Janell from before and she had always wanted me to tryout rock-climbing. I’m glad I did!
Participants were given 10 minutes to study the wall and strategize their moves before getting started. This is known as the observation session in all climbing competitions.
Fareeda Yothasamutr and Thatthana Raksachat of Thailand, carefully applying their climbing skills on the wall.
ZENERGY Boulder Craze 2011 was the first rock climbing competition in Malaysia to feature night lighting effects.
The lighting effects transformed the whole atmosphere at night, giving the wall a whole new and vibrant dimension. It was definitely something different for the participants themselves.
1st place winner of the Men’s category was Hafzanizam Bukhary and for the Women’s category, Xu Liting.

 Winning the Men’s category was 29 year-old Malaysian climber, Hafzanizam Bukhary. With ten years of climbing experience under his belt, he gained massive support from the crowd that night as he navigated the paths that other contestants found impossible.

The Women’s category was won by 23-year-old Singaporean Xu Liting, who started climbing at the age of 14 but only began training hard at the sport since 2009. She has won a number of climbing events in the last two years, including emerging as the Lead Climbing champion in the Putrajaya Challenge Park Extreme Games in December 2010 and taking 1st place in Bouldering during Climb On 2010 in Singapore.

Congratulations to the both of them!

To get updates on upcoming sports events like this, check out the  ZENERGY Facebook page and hit ‘Like’ to get the latest news in your feed.

If you’re looking to tryout a new sport, take up climbing! There are 2 major climbing gyms in Kuala Lumpur – the one I went to was CAMP5 and another worth checking out is MadMonkeyz Climbing Gym.

I would love to hear from you. Feel free to suggest others!

Rock Climbing: 1 of 8 Exercises That Burn the Most Calories

A challenging, all-over body workout demanding coordination, endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance, rock climbing is one of the most calorie-consuming fitness exercises out there.

8 Exercises That Burn the Most Calories

1. Cycling – between 850 – 570 calories burned per hour
2. Running – about 850 calories burned per hour (8-minute mile)
3. Jumping Rope – between 680 – 815 calories burned per hour
4. Boxing – between 615 – 815 calories burned per hour
5. Rowing – between 580 – 650 calories burned per hour
6. Swimming – between 545680 calories burned per hour
7. Rock Climbing – between 540750 calories burned per hour
8. Rugby – between 681715 calories burned per hour

Rock climbing is a great exercise because it targets muscles in the arms, chest, back, and even the legs. This makes it a great exercise for people who don’t have a whole lot of time. They can get a total body exercise in with only one type of workout!

Rock climbing @ Camp 5 (1Utama Shopping Center, KL)

I finally got the chance to try it out myself recently! Took up a 4-hour beginner’s class where I learned all the necessary safety skills for indoor rock climbing.

Climbing partners literally hold each others’ safety and security in their hands every time they belay.

Benefits of rock climbing include increased physical fitness, improved problem-solving skills, building trust and teamwork. I made some new friends too :)

Speaking of rock climbing, the first climbing showcase event in Malaysia will take place during the ZENERGY BOULDER Craze 2011. It will be held this Saturday, 24th September 2011, at theCURVE Shopping Mall at Mutiara Damansara between 11am to 11pm.

See you there!

The main event features 24 (12 Men & 12 Women) of the best climbing athletes in the region perform a climbing showcase. Participants include athletes from Singapore, Thailand, Phillipines, Hong Kong & Malaysia. Other event highlights include a fashion walk event, a Capoeira demonstration by Bantus Capoeira Malaysia plus an Acro-Yoga demonstration by Inspired Yoga Studio.

For more info, check out the ZENERGY Boulder Craze 2011 event page on Facebook. Worth checking out if you’re thinking about trying out rock climbing or if you already are a climber! See you there!


NewMan Magazine August Issue: New It Girl


NewMan did a feature on 3 of KL’s New It Girls and I am of them! Definitely a huge compliment to be called an ‘It’ girl and this is by far the most stylish and sophisticated shoot I’ve done to date.

A Fay To Remember - I see what you did there....

I get asked about my name in just about every interview... (I wonder how someone like Lady Gaga deal with that?)

Some behind-the-scenes: Make-up artist using airbrush foundation

I was so close to buying the whole wardrobe from the shoot... Especially loved this dress!

Thank you NewMan, thank you Malaysia.