We have finally reached Day 7, which completes 1 out of the 12 weeks of the Explode Program. Day 7 is another cardio day. I recommend doing 20-30 minutes of running, similar to Day 3. You may choose either one the cardio days to do something else other rather than running such as cycling, rowing, elliptical, skipping, swimming or attending a cardio workout class at your gym.

If you’re not desperately catching your breath, you’re not desperately trying hard to lose weight!

Hilary Swank looks outstanding in this photo. True strength.

7 thoughts on “The Explode Program: DAY 7

  1. Hey Fay ! Hmm what do you advise would be the correct calorie intake a day ? And is it okay to exercise right after i eat, or should i wait for an hour or so ?/ Thanks ! I think this Explode programme is wonderful ! Really inspiring .. i’m just not sure if im eating right.

  2. Hey fay! I was wondering, should I drink protein shakes after running?
    I know to drink them after lifting weights in a workout, but what about when you have just running days? Should I drink it then?

    Thank you! You’ve really inspired me to keep working out! I’ve lost 20 pounds already following your blog!

  3. As hard as the lady worked on her body, I think it was an insult to photoshop her in any way at all. They’ve obviously lightened it, if you’d stopped there it would have been alright, but you elongated her legs, made her calves skinner, erased part of her butt, lots of subtle touches that she just didn’t need. Why don’t you put the ORIGINAL picture on here, it’s what she worked so HARD for.

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