I had lunch with a new friend from KL the other day, Su-Yin, at Midvalley mall. She started up and runs ‘Delectable’, where you can find custom-made wedding cakes and cupcakes. I was never really a huge fan of cupcakes… until recently. Su brought me one of her outlets, at the Gardens Mall (near to Robinsons) where she housed all the pretty cupcakes and other yummies. It was hard to resist seeing all the beautiful cupcakes knowing it wasn’t just pretty, it was edible! So, I took the plunge.

I LOVE the packaging! Su designed everything herself 🙂

3 cute little cupcakes for RM28

I tried the frog cupcake first because it had peanut butter and raspberry jam filling in it and I simply love that combo.

My intention was only to have a couple of bites and throwing the rest away, thinking “If I don’t waste it, I’ll waist it.” But IT WAS SO DELICIOUS, I ended up eating the whole thing! I can see why people love cupcakes so much now… I’m saving the other two for tomorrow.

Su insisted that I tried her layered cake with prune after I told her how much I loved the one from Bengawan Solo. (Do they have that here in KL?)

Verdict: Charles & I devoured the layered cake last night while watching a movie. It was even his first time ever trying it. There are only 4 little pieces left in the fridge. It was that good.

I’ll be coming back for more, Su!

*     *     *     *     *

If you have a sweet tooth, pop by ‘Delectable’ at The Gardens Mall or Pavilion Mall for some tea/coffee and cupcakes! I highly recommend it 😉

Delectable by Su
Designer Cakes & More
S213 The Gardens Mall
Midvalley City, Lingkaran
Syed Putra, 59200 KL

Delectable by Su

P6.03.00 Pavilion Mall
Jalan Bukit Bintang 55100 KL

Be sure to check out her website, http://delectable.com.my/

4 thoughts on “Like Cupcakes? You’ll Love ‘Delectable’ by Su

  1. Hi fay, I’m desperately trying to lose some weight here but at the same time i wanna stay fit. I wanna ask if prune juice is helpful in helping with weight loss?

  2. Hi Fay.. will u b celebrating hari raya? anw Happy Hari Raya, enjoy the great weekend there. n actualli cupcakes are great for tis hari raya season.its the in thing now.. aite..tats all.tc mate..

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