My sister, Alyssa, who is now living in Tokyo, sent in a photo of what was in her grocery cart when she went shopping last weekend. (Read Grocery Shopping: The Must-Haves.) Check out what she got:

1. Milk
2. Chocolate milk
3. Fruit juice
4. Quaker oats, honey and raisins cereal
5. Instant noodles
6. Banana
7. Yogurt
8. Veggies & mushroom
9. Kit Kat
10. A bottle of wine

Gotta have the bananas! They’re a good source of protein and fiber. It goes well with cereal and in a peanut butter sandwich too. You’ve made a healthy choice with the greens and yogurt but go easy with the instant noodles (dangerously high in sodium, I’d rather eat a bag of chips instead)! Perhaps you’d like to try buckwheat noodles instead if you’d rather not have brown rice or pasta.

What’s in your grocery cart?

If you’re doing some grocery shopping this week, do take a photo of your purchases and send them to !

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