Evonne, who lives in Kuala  Lumpur, just did her grocery shopping at Cold Storage last weekend and would like to share with us what she had in her cart!

1. Mineral water
2. Raisin bran cereal
3. Greens: salad, tomatoes, parsley & capsicum
4. Penne pasta
5. Prego sauce
6. Eggs
7. Cheese: gruyere & mozzarella
8. Multiseed bread & French baguette
9. Red wine (Wolf Blass)
10. Chacho’s chips

I love how you even brought your own eco-friendly shopping bag to skip the plastic bag! Good thinking. This cart… almost looks like mine, except I don’t buy capsicum because Charles is allergic to them. As much as I love my pasta, I usually opt for whole wheat penne pasta to balance out my love for a creamy based sauce. Oh, it’s a rare treat. Thanks for sharing, Evonne!

What’s in your grocery cart?

If you’re doing some grocery shopping this week, do take a photo of your purchases and send them to fh@withlovefay.com !

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