Roy, from Indonesia, shares with us his grocery shopping for the week. It includes:

1. Peanut butter
2. Whole grain bread
3. Energen Instant oatmeal
4. Bananas
5. Apples
6. Soy bean snacks

I used to LOVE those instant oatmeal that comes in individual packets – just add hot water and voilà! The problem is, instant meals are usually high in sodium and/or sugar and in this case, the latter. A healthier option would be a warm bowl old fashioned Quaker Oats made with soy milk and served with fresh blueberries, topped with wholegrain biscuits/bread crumbs (a classic favorite first recommended by my grandy).

Soy bean nuts make a great snack and go well with salad for an added crunch! While they are a healthy snack, too many soy nuts can be fattening. A one-ounce, 120-calorie snack is reasonable, but two or three ounces daily will give you extra calories that soon will show up on the scale as added pounds. I prefer almonds instead because they are less salty 🙂

What’s in your grocery cart?

If you’re doing some grocery shopping this week, do take a photo of your purchases and send them to !

One thought on “Grocery Shopping: Roy’s List

  1. I always buy some fruit like apples, grapes or pomelo. But I can’t help taking chocolate too ^-^” I’m a fan of whole-grain bread and pickled gherkins, but often my mother is the one who goes shopping, while I’m at school.

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