Tashie (Read: Tashionation.com) has been so busy with school and exams lately that she doesn’t spend enough time at home to cook for herself daily. She recently just sent me a photo of her mini grocery shopping this week and I’m glad to know this girl is eating healthy despite all the stress! Are you sure you skipped the snacks for late night studying, dear? Just how do you do it? 😛

So here’s what she bought:

1. Soya Milk
2. Organic berry yogurt
3. Honey turkey cold cuts
4. Organic Tofu
5. Assorted greens

I like the healthy choices you made with the soya milk (Read: Soy Milk vs Milk), yogurt and assorted vegetables, although I’m not sure if this photo is complete! You have the cold cuts but where’s the bread and lettuce? Perhaps the next thing you should share is the first meal you prepare with these groceries!

What’s in your grocery cart?

If you’re doing some grocery shopping this week, do take a photo of your purchases and send them to fh@withlovefay.com !

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