Just because I party a lot doesn’t mean that I neglect my health or unaware of how much alcohol I consume each night. (Quick tip: Skip the sugary mixers. Drink on the rocks or dilute with water.) Don’t think about the times you fail with your diet; or should I say, new lifestyle.  (Remember: Diets are temporary, lifestyle is a habit.) Sure, you may have just had a big night out and woke up with a huge hangover. Last night’s greasy supper didn’t help very much, your head is throbbing, you reek of alcohol and you are suddenly craving for fried chicken. It happens. Self-control is key. You may choose to go ahead and have some fried chicken and say to hell with looking good OR you could remind yourself of the damage you’re doing to your body, and recover immediately.

It’s important to know what you have in your kitchen because this is the first place you go to when you are feeling hungry or hungover (don’t be tempted to call pizza delivery yet!). If you’re trying to change your diet and lifestyle, it only makes sense to only keep healthy food in the house. When you’re grocery shopping (Read: Grocery shopping while full vs hungry), focus more on breakfast foods and foods high in protein and fiber. I have this habit of looking at other people’s shopping carts when I’m out grocery shopping… The fat lady ALWAYS stocks up on frozen food while the fitness guy fills his cart with mostly cereal, juice and lean meat/fish.

Here’s what I recently shopped for this week:

4 boxes of Cheerios cereal (my favorite)
2 boxes of muesli
Wholegrain bread
Cauliflower & broccoli
Natural yogurt
Extra virgin olive oil
Orange juice with pulp
Apple and aloe vera juice
Oat milk

A good supermarket for fresh and organic vegetables would be Jusco, where I usually shop for my greens. Cold Storage and Carrefour has a better selection of cereal and imported goods like Weetabix 😉

What’s in your grocery cart?

If you’re doing some grocery shopping this week, why not take a photo of your cart and send them this way? I’ll share it in the next post: FH@withlovefay.com

6 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping: The Must-Haves

  1. Faye,

    Do be aware the the Cheerios you purchased are high in sugar. The orignal Cheerios is best, one can add fruit and have a yummy high grain meal.

    I like natural yogurt, unnatural yogurt is not so good…’-(


  2. It’s true that most cereals are high in sugar so be careful what you choose. I’d say it’s better than any other ‘snacks’.

    David, when I first wanted to lose weight, I only allowed myself to have the original Cheerios with SILK soy milk every day for breakfast. But now, I think I can afford the Berry Burst Cheerios with some oat milk! ;P

  3. Hi Fay,

    Have you ever tried Berry brand orange juice, although it’s pulp-less but it’s less sweet and taste more authentic than most brands out there. Thought you might like to try it. 🙂

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