How To Spoil Me This Christmas

No fancy shoes, handbags or make-up (although I’ll gladly accept them). For Christmas this year, I’d like to spoil myself with these 4 gadgets…

1. I figured it’s about time I get myself a proper camera, my Canon IXUS has been great but the Canon S95 is better. You know, for macro shots and HD videos 😉

2. I got myself a Blackberry Curve 9300 a couple of weeks ago and now I can’t survive a day without BBM (Blackberry Messenger). I wished I’d waited and gotten the Blackberry Bold 9780 because the Curve doesn’t come with a camera flash, which renders the camera function as useless as my iPhone 3Gs. I still have love for you, iPhone!

3. Speaking of iPhones, I love my Apple products – my Macbook, iPhone, iPod, iPod Shuffle and all the works. But I’ve been meaning to get a notebook for traveling and PC software purposes and the Sony Vaio W Series Mini Notebook make the perfect cut!

4. I used to think my ex was crazy (well, he was attending anger management classes) for having a Free Standing Cardio Bag at home but now I see how awesome it’d be to do boxing at home. Boxing helps you to de-stress, is a great cardio workout and keeps you fit… it’s a win-win-win situation.

The question is, which to get first?

Alternatively, I’d do sushi take-out and a movie marathon in bed on any special occasion.

30 days left ’til Christmas!

How are you spending it? No pun intended 😛

Top 10 Little Things That Make A Big Difference

Top 10 little things that make a BIG difference

1. Drink soy milk or fat free milk instead of whole milk.

2. Don’t slouch. Sitting up straight burns 10% more calories.

3. Drink ice water with lemon. The cold water helps shrink your stomach, while the lemon suppresses your appetite.

4. Don’t press the snooze button, get up immediately.

5. Eat off smaller plates.

6. Have your breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same time everyday.

7. Take a multi-vitamin.

8. Stretch before bed: You’ll have more energy in the morning.

9. Spoil your food. Once you are finished eating, pour water over the leftovers to avoid post-meal picking.

10. Don’t skip breakfast.

What Are Americans Eating?

It’s interesting to read some of the visual statistics on . From ‘Financial Habits of The American Youth‘ to ‘How The World Spends Its Time Online‘, the simple graphs show a clear perspective on what and how much we consume in our daily lives. While some of the statistics are somewhat trivial and less important than others, I couldn’t help but share this rather predictable statistic on how much food and beverage the average American consumes over the course of ONE year…

I am surprised that we consume more dairy products than corn/corn syrup and cereal products combined. After watching ‘Food Inc.‘, you would think we drink more soda (aka corn syrup) than milk. I am surprised they didn’t include ‘Beer’ in a separate category on the graph. In short, this diagram (especially the summary at the bottom) is trying to tell us that Americans consume a lot of french fries, pizza, ice-cream, soda and caffeine in our daily diet. Interesting, isn’t it? I’d really like to see a graph on ‘How Much We Exercise/Spend Our Energy‘ next.