Chrissy (originally from Singapore but now lives in Melbourne) sent in a photo of her groceries last weekend and proves that even though she likes her dessert, she knows how to shop for healthy food. Plus points for getting the essentials such as bananas, muesli, yogurt and even the fresh/smoked salmon and chicken mince – having these foods stocked means you’re always set for breakfast and preparing a meal high in protein is as easy as pie. Although I am curious… Since she specifically noted that the milk was only for baking, where are the flour and eggs?

1. Bananas
2. Mangoes
3. Thai basil
4. Lebanese cucumber
5. Roma tomatoes
6. Fresh salmon
7. Smoked salmon
8. Chicken mince
9. Muesli
10. Yogurt
11. Milk (for baking)
12. Bread

What’s in your grocery cart?

If you’re doing some grocery shopping this week, do take a photo of your purchases and send them to !

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