DAY 1: After weeks of extensive research and organizing, Charles and I finally made it to Bali and stayed at Villa Capung, located at Bukit Jimbaran – a little far out from everything else but the villa was amazing and we had such a great time there with our group of friends.

The private pool, right next to our room

Living room

Master bedroom

DAY 2: Menega Cafe is the usual spot I’d go to for dinner in Jimbaran but it was PACKED that night so we settled for the restaurant next to it, Bela Seafood and it was just as good. Seafood dinner at Jimbaran is a definite must-do when you visit Bali. A friend from New York mentioned that the price of the meal we had for 4 people on the first night at Menega Cafe (IDR550.000/USD60) does not even make up for a dinner date for 2 in NY.

DAY 3: A lot of pro surfers come to Bali for its awesome waves. It’s a great place to learn surfing if it interests you. Try catching a wave!

We celebrated Charles’ birthday in the villa and to make it easier for everyone, the theme was ‘Halloween Part II’. We had 2 sexy chefs, a ‘shady white guy’, a sexy police officer, a Jedi, slave Princess Leia, a zombie, sexy school girl, flower boy and a chippendale dancer!

Dinner was prepared by the maid at our villa. The cost of the food is calculated from the total price of the groceries + 30% labor fee. The food was excellent and it only cost about USD22 per person.

I ordered the Chocolate Devil cake from for Charles. He just turned 26 on December 20th. They actually meant to write ‘Happy 26th Birthday Buttmunch’, but instead mispelt it as ‘Buttmuch’ instead. It’s a little nickname we sometimes call each other. I’m sure the word speaks for itself! They totally forgot about the candles but we got him to blow out a tealight candle instead..

After dinner, I surprised Charles with a 20-minute compilation video of his childhood photos and over 20 of his friends who sent in clips wishing him a happy birthday.

DAY 4: The next day, we went on a 2-hour road trip to  Ubud for white water rafting along the Ayung River. It costs about USD79 per person, including villa pick-up service, insurance and a buffet lunch A great deal indeed! Everyone loved it.

Check out Sobek if you’re keen.

Bumbu Bali is a traditional Balinese restaurant, otherwise known as a ‘Waroeng’ (meaning traditional hut in Indonesian), and is located in Nusa Dua. They also provide cooking lessons if you’re interested in learning how to cook traditional Balinese/Indonesian food! This was where Charles first tried Sour Sop juice and fell in love. Poor guy has been missing out on all the good stuff. I introduced him to Horlicks too! Next, chin chow aka grass jelly drink – another one of my favorite sugary drink.

DAY 5: Everyone else left early on the last day in Bali but we booked a later flight so we could actually spend time together on his actual birthday. We went to Hard Rock Cafe in Kuta, where I got the waiters to surprise him and sing him a birthday song (equipped with traditional Balinese instruments!). He finally got to blow out proper birthday candles this time.

Happy birthday, baby!

If you liked this post or have any other recommendations or favorite spots that you liked in Bali, leave your comments and share your finds!

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