4 thoughts on “BRING ON 01/01/2011

  1. hi, how did you start working out? saw your before & after pics, huge positive difference. just reading your stuff got me inspired. i have body issues too and i don’t know, just want to change something, my diet or start exercising. don’t know where to start but i want to feel strong instead of skinny fat.

  2. Hi Fay! I’ve asked you this question before, I’m so sorry to ask again because I can’t remember which face products you mentioned that was good. Was it Kanebo or Shiseido?

    Thank you so much! <3
    stay fit and pretty always.

    1. It’s Shiseido, dear 🙂 I’m using ‘Pureness’ for skin care. I might even try out the ‘Skincare’ line too because even my sister has switched to Shiseido and chose that one because it has SPF15.

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