Kelly Osbourne (left) with Miley Cyrus. Doesn’t Kelly remind you of Carmen Electra here?

Some celebrities can go from fit to fat or vice versa when a role in a movie calls for it. Others go through dramatic weight loss/gain due to stress, or simply for the better. 25 year-old Kelly Osbourne, who was once more voluptuous, has ditched her dark locks and rockstar image for a more feminine, mature look and has lost 50lbs since ‘Dancing With The Stars’.

Kelly Osbourne Before:

Kelly Obsbourne Now:

She’s even appeared on the cover of SHAPE magazine since her weight transformation:

‘A trick I’ve learned is to eat just a little bit of something that has no carbs and no sugar in it before you go to sleep because it keeps your metabolism going.

‘They say you should never eat before you go to bed, but I’ve found just having a tiny little snack  –  like half an apple or something like that  –  before you go to sleep really helps.’

‘Pilates is amazing, my posture is so much better and I’m even starting to get muscles on my tummy  –  it’s incredible,’ she has said.

I’m a girl, girls are never happy with the way they look. There is always something that you want to change but I will say that this is the most content that I have ever been in my life.’

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I like Kelly’s new look! She’s not crazy skinny and she does look a lot more mature and demure. I’m sure she’s still a little rockstar at heart, but it’s good that she’s embracing change and a healthier lifestyle.

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