Finally Back In The Gym!

The last time I worked out was before Christmas! Had been down with cough+flu and my body was so weak that I even fainted in the train once that weekend (it didn’t help that I skipped breakfast AND was on my period). It was the worse feeling EV-ER.

Been starting to feel a little flabby and this persistent cough+flu is definitely taking its time to go away. That didn’t stop me from hitting the gym yesterday though, finally! My first workout of the year! Did 10 mins cardio, shoulder workout and 12 mins rowing. Woke up this morning with my body thanking me with soreness.

Question of the day comes from Sophie:

She asks: What is the best exercise to flatten belly?

The best way is less carbs, more cardio and overall resistance training. Abs workouts should be a primary exercise while you work on the more important muscle groups such as legs, back and shoulders. Check out the Explode Program and you will notice that I didn’t set a day for just doing abs. You need to work on your whole body to flatten your tummy. Ever seen a guy with flabby arms and a flat tummy? Nope. Best exercise? Ab workout of the month for October. If that’s too hardcore for you, try using the workout ball.

KettleBlock – World’s SMARTEST Dumbbell

Homie Mark Enriquez back from Singapore was doing some window shopping when he stumbled upon the KettleBlock™ at the AIBI store in Parkway Parade.

I had actually been thinking about purchasing a Kettlebell for a while now but they come separately in different weights – 5, 10 & 20 pounds – which isn’t ideal for me as I’d like something more versatile like the Bowflex®.

So when I saw the KettleBlock™, it was like a dream come true. Now I’m not a hardcore weight trainer or anything but this is something I’d definitely like to experiment and train with.

But with a price tag of SGD348 for this baby, I think I’ll stick to the free weights at the gym for now.