Everything In My iCal Is Wiped Out…

When I found out that allĀ  my events prior to October 2010 had been wiped out from my iCal, I. Literally. Cried. 3 years of my life that I’ve been recording in my iCal. Gone. It was my digital diary where I write where I go and what I do day to day. I even write about my feelings under ‘Notes’ on the event, which is very personal and something I’d never show anyone.

The thing is, I don’t know even know how long ago it happened. Sometimes I like to look back on my life exactly one year ago to reflect, and I’d look up my iCal. It makes me appreciate where I am now and how grateful I am on how things turned out. I wanted to do that the other day when I realized all the events BEFORE October 24th, 2010 had been erased.

All that info, GONE. It’s like having someone burn your diary. A diary you’ve had for years of your thoughts and emotions. I feel so violated that it’s been wiped out without my knowledge. How could APPLE just wipe out your data/information like that? HOW AND WHY?!

I tried Googling and found a Discussions page on Apple Support where others also talked about how they lost their calendar events too. Some did a downgrade from their MobileMe account and quickly found a solution to their problem. For me, the problem is that I don’t have a MobileMe account, nor an iPhone4/iPad/iTouch which is required to do the downgrade. I’m guessing the wipe out happened when I did an update or synced my calendar. God knows.

I don’t know what to do now. So upset. I’m in tears. Thanks for nothing, APPLE.

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