The Quick 100 Workout

Sup guys, I’m up early for a morning work call. Feels good and refreshing to be fully awake at this hour and literally watch the sun come up. I could get used to this and it’s probably the best time to hit the gym now, but the warm, soft bed beckons. Lazy Fay is calling me back to bed and Fit Fay wants to hit the mill. Decisions, decisions.

Perhaps I’ll kill two birds with one stone and workout and THEN go back to bed. Here’s The Quick 100 Workout, for you ‘sorta’ lazy bums. GET UP, and WORK OUT, NOW!

100 jumping jacks

90 crunches

80 squats

70 leg lifts

60 jumping jacks

50 crunches

40 squats

30 leg lifts

20 jumping jacks

RUN for 10 minutes

Your body will thank you.