Let Me Set This Straight…

I’m aware that ‘some people’ may think that I’ve had plastic surgery and I can see where they’re coming from if they’ve only seen my photos, especially my old photos, where I looked younger and much chubbier than I am now. For the record, the only ‘constructional’ work I’ve done were braces when I was 17, which I wore for  1½ years.

2006 was a good year when I started modeling as I had just turned 18 and had my braces taken off. But it was short-lived as I started gaining weight. So in 2007, I took sometime off Singapore and decided to stay in Florida/California to get as far away I could from any distractions, lose weight and travel (Read: At My Highest & Lowest Weight…). I did not go to LA or SF to do plastic surgery, I was a hostess at a sushi restaurant, so how could I possibly afford that?

I find it extremely shallow and thoughtless of some people to judge others based on their looks or photos without knowing their whole story. You can speculate as much as you want from these photos but I know the truth, and hell, I worked damn hard and honestly for myself.

Time For A Challenge

Stop competing with others.
Start competing with yourself.

The principle is competing against yourself. It’s about self-improvement, about being better than you were the day before – Steve Young

What’s the biggest challenge you find when it comes to working out? Is it that ringing voice at the back of your head telling you excuses? Telling you that are too tired, the gym is too far and you have too many other things to do?

You will never, ever get out of a warm bed and go for a run on a cold morning and feel bad. Trust me. –NIKE

Happy Monday! Have a fit start to the week!