Updates From My Blackberry Camera…

In Singapore this week so here’s a quick update on what’s been going on… Photos taken with my Blackberry:

Today's lunch - Zesty steak from Quiznos (better than Subway, but probably not as healthy).

My new favorite drink Vitamin Water. Such smart marketing for a bottle of sugary drink. But since I don’t drink any sugar drinks, I’d like to think I’m at least entitled to this one. I really like the ‘XXX‘ – Acai-blueberry-pomegranate flavor! You can get it at GNC or Guardian Pharmacy (Singapore).

I want this fridge in my home...
Brunch @ Boomberang in Robertson Quay (Singapore)

What you see: Potatoes, eggs and ham. How I see it: Carbs, protein, sodium.

KitKat Chunky - Cookies & Cream. Goodness in a bar. < I come up with the best taglines hehe. Got this at Candy Empire in Millenia Walk (Singapore).
High tea with my girlfriends at Carcosa Taman Negara (KL). Beautiful place for high tea, but menu selection is very limited. It was about RM60 per person.
My favorite healthier choice of ice-cream... Soy bean ice-cream from Mr.Bean! Wished they had this in Malaysia too...
Lunch with the family on Christmas Eve @ Fika, a Swedish Restaurant in Arab Street (Singapore).
Salmon crepe from Fika.
Dad loves his steak... The sauce was delicious!
Christmas party @ my girl friend's place last December (Singapore)... Every dish was home-made!

I really miss the healthier food choices in Singapore like Mescluns, SaladStop!, Cedele, Quiznos and all the nice eating places that are conveniently right in town. I think I spend more on groceries when I live in KL and choose to cook healthy for myself than I do eating out here. KL needs to have more healthier eating spots like Yogitree around!

Back in KL on Thursday afternoon, can’t wait to spend some quality time at the gym.