CLIVE Magazine Cover Shoot for Feb 2011

Some behind-the-scenes photos from the covershoot for CLIVE Magazine (Feb 2011 issue)! I had so much fun at this shoot. They used a projector to project images against the white wall to create different backgrounds and feel.

The wardrobe was also very unique and I especially liked this one:

Voluminous hair!

Editor of CLIVE magazine, Robert Chan.

With the CLIVE crew.

With my make-up artist, Ming.

Thanks for having me on the cover, CLIVE!

“There’s nothing wrong with having a strong habit of exercise but when it becomes destructive to your mental well being and the rest of your life, you really have a sense check your priorities. I proudly pig out on Nando’s (with extra fries) once a week because you know what, it makes me a little happy! Extra hot sauce people, it’s to die for.”

“Anything can be addictive if that’s all you live for. If you live for someone, you’ll feel ‘addicted’ and end up being too ‘clingy’ which is bad for a relationship. Same with chocolate, you can be addicted to it and crave for it everyday to the detriment of your health, but the difference is, chocolates are good with relationships.”

Get your copy of CLIVE to read the whole interview! 😉