Motivation of the Day: The Beast In Beauty

When I saw this video, the first thing that came to mind was “Wow, they may look like your average girl next door but these girls are bad asses at the gym!”

From Junkyard Gym, Club Circuit, to Combine Training, they are all about getting better and getting after it.

Brian Nunez is a personal trainer from San Jose (CA) who I would very much love to work out with. Check out this compilation video of all the tough cookies who trained with him.

Motivated yet?

2 Things I Find Hard To Refuse…

1. Sarawak Laksa from a hawker in Bangsar

2. Pick-n-mix candies!

…but only when I deserve it the most. A treat is a treat because you don’t have it all the time!

So I haven’t been watching my food intake carefully last week and gained 5lbs in a blink of an eye. Meh. Aunt Flo might be a contributing factor to the sudden weight gain (mostly water retention). For some reason, I feel like this is a dejavu because I’m pretty sure I’ve whined about a similar situation every other month.

I envisioned myself working out on the elliptical machine for 45 minutes last night (yes, I think about what I’m going to do the next day before I go to bed) but today I’m really not feelin’ it so I’m very likely to skip the gym.

Feeling moody and really wished I had a pick-n-mix. Instead, I just had a handful of baked almonds and a huge bottle of water. Nothing much to complain about, at least I don’t feel guilty about it as I would after finishing a bag of candies.

Stay stoked and motivated, guys. If you’re not hitting the gym today like me, make sure you’re at least eating healthy.

Day Two: 3 Exercise Circuit – Julien Greaux 365 Circuit Trainer

This workout is not recommended for beginners but if you really want to try this out, do not do this on your own and make sure you have a qualified trainer to spot you.

Day 2 of Julien Greaux’s circuit exercise. This workout is pretty straightforward but knowing your form is very important and crucial to avoid injuries.

Day Two: 3 Exercise Circuit

1 ) Smith Machine Bench Press: 1 set of 10 reps

2 ) Smith Machine Squats: 1 set of 10 reps

3 ) Smith Machine Deadlift: 1 set of 10 reps

1 minute rest at the end of each circuit set. Complete circuit 4 more times.

I tried out this exercise on Tuesday and completed all 5 circuit sets using light-medium weights because I’m still a rookie. It’s a great upper body workout, although the deadlifts almost killed me by the end of each set! It’s not as intense as Day 1 so it’s totally possible to do the 2 exercises back-to-back as you aren’t working on your core for this exercise.

Who’s taking up the challenge?

Down & Dirty

Here are some photos from a shoot I did for Mirrors magazine on Sunday night, coming out in the March issue. It was the first time I got dirt and grime all over me for a shoot and I must admit it was pretty cool (and sexy). Just something about getting dirty…

More photos after the issue comes out…

Speaking of getting dirty, don’t forget to tune in to tomorrow morning and get Down & Dirty with me as I fill you in on the hottest Hollywood entertainment news!

Tune In To For Your Daily Hollywood Entertainment News!

Today marks the official day I’m going on air on the most loved local radio station in Malaysia – ! Let me fill you in on the latest Hollywood entertainment news on my short segment called ‘Down & Dirty with Fay Hokulani‘.

Getcha head out of the gutter, it’s serious business here. Tune in every weekdays from 7.30am-9.30am for the dirt!

With JJ (left) and Ean (right) at the studio. Our first photo together! Yeah, apparently Ean likes to dress up a lot? 😛

If for some strange reason you don’t own a radio, tune in online!