Trying Out Julien Greaux’s 365 Circuit Trainer Exercise

I mentioned in my last post that I was going to tryout Julien Greaux’s 365 circuit trainer exercise and that was exactly what I did on Wednesday. I showed Charles the video and he was confident that we could complete all 5 circuit sets. So we went with it and man, it was tough. Halfway through the 2nd circuit set, Charles said he felt like throwing up (in his defense, it was because the new protein drink he drank that day tasted bad) and by the 3rd set, we were both burned out.

The next day, both our abs were achy and sore. It was a pain to sneeze, cough or stretch backwards!

Here’s what I have to say about the exercise:

– If you’re going to try it out, do it with a friend so you can spot and motivate each other.

– I completed 3 circuit sets in 1 hour, when it is said that 5 circuit sets should only take 45-60mins. I must’ve rested too long in between sets as Charles and I were taking turns.

– Make sure you rest for 1 minute in between sets. Although Julien did mention that it’s best to take as little rest time as you can. Just make sure you keep the heart rate up, that’s the whole idea.

– I replaced the burpee pushup + pullup superset with a burpee pushup + lateral pull down machine (see video for example).

– The lunges definitely killed me when I was up to my 3rd circuit set. I find that this is probably the only exercise that works on your lower body.

– Be extra careful when doing the side-by-side jump over the bench, make sure you jump high enough so you don’t trip over. Julien sure made it look easy but if you look at my video, I was struggling with it!

– The first 5 exercises definitely tires you out so by the time you get to the 7th exercise, which is the hanging leg raise, you are most likely to be tired and start to slow down a bit. Don’t! Remember to keep your heart rate up!

– Work on your abs more effectively when doing the crossover running plank by making sure you tighten you abs and push your knee towards the other side of your shoulder. Your butt shouldn’t be pointed too high up in the air.

– Control your form, do it fast and stay hydrated.

Share your experience after you’ve tried this one out!