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For those of you in the know, is an up and coming website started up in Malaysia that where you can discover new trends and fashion. It’s a platform where you can find inspiration or share what inspires you in an online community. Share whatever that turns you on and discover new things along the way.

Got something cool to share? Be it your own design or an artistic/fashionable photo you’ve taken, here’s where you can showcase your interests and eye for style.

The site is still under beta-testing so if you don’t have a beta key but want to give a go at this photo contest, just send an email to and get your most stylish snap up before the end of the day. It’s worth a shot!

I will be deciding who gets to win a trip to Redang for uploading the most stylish photo on

Contest ends March 31, 2011 (only 2 more hours to go!) so get going right now!


See You Soon, Sarah!

Things have been pretty hectic for me as of late as I’m finding my time in KL more eventful these days. I’m definitely starting to feel like the city is finally opening up to me and well I gotta say, it’s about time. I took the plunge when I decided to move to KL from Singapore around August last year. To be honest during the first 5 months, things seemed uncertain. It was like starting all over again… Making new friends, building up a network and finding a job/something I enjoyed doing. It was more of an inconvenience than an issue the way I see it.

I was about ready to move back to Singapore in January as the unpredictability started to overcome my adventurous nature. My insecurities kept nagging at me asking “What the hell are you doing here?” Yeah, what was I doing here? I didn’t quite have a plan. I’d jump on any opportunity to live somewhere else for the thrill of it because I’ve always depended on this faithful assurance deep inside that’s confident in knowing that I’ll find something to do no matter what. Someone I look up to once said to me, “Que sera, sera” (Whatever happens, happens). It’s better to have tried and failed than regret not doing it and wonder what could have been.

I was ready to accept the reality that maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. But just before the end of December, I got a call from a local radio station and was offered a job to do a small segment on the morning show and share Hollywood entertainment news. That was so up in my alley. I actually went for the casting more than a month before I got that call. I mean, it had been so long that I thought I didn’t get it.

Man, I can’t tell you how stoked I was after I put down the phone. Beyond. It was a sure sign that I should stay.

Which brings me to this girl, Sarah Lian. She’s been such a gem and truly one of the most genuine people I know working in the entertainment industry. She’s been welcoming and I’m grateful for all the help and guidance she’s given me since I met her last year.

Sarah’s left KL now and moving back to Canada to pursue her career. I have no doubt that she’ll do well in anything she puts her mind into, especially with that very likeable personality and dynamic attitude she has. I can’t thank you enough, Sarah. You’ve been such a great friend.

At Sarah's farewell party last Saturday.

To end this note, I just want to say – Never be too afraid, shy or insecure to put yourself out there. Do what you gotta do. It’s never easy but it’s usually worth it.


Dress Sense: You Can Now Afford Your Dream Dress!


Dress Sense @ Raffles City Shopping Center, Singapore

Ladies, it’s perfectly ok to admit that you usually wear a dress once before piling your wardrobe with newer clothes. Being the thrifty shopper that I am, I find it quite a waste of money to spend hundreds of dollars on a dress you’re probably only going to wear once for that special event.

Which is why I was thrilled to find out that Dress Sense provides gives customers the option to buy or rent from their extensive multi-label collection of evening and occasion wear, jewelry and evening bags.

I took a step into Cinderella’s closet and should’ve known earlier that I was going to spend the rest of my evening there before making an early dinner date with Lynn Wolf. Lynn came late but just in time after I’ve made my choices.

Anyway, these are just a few of the dresses that I tried on…

I personally prefer going for pastels, blush tones or brightly colored dresses because it compliments my dark skin tone.
But there’s no harm in trying on some dark-colored eveningwear either. Afterall, if everything else fails, you just can’t go wrong with a simple Little Black Dress.

“What if I like the dress but it doesn’t fit me well?”

Dress Sense provides alteration services for an additional fee (yes, even for rentals!) in case you want your dress be fitted perfectly, making the dress of your choice a ‘one off’ of to your requirements.

I found that most of the dresses I tried on did not only have 1) a unique design, 2) the great cut and attention to detail made everything look good and fit me perfectly.

That’s with the exception for some of the long, flowy evening gowns though – which probably would’ve needed to be shortened had I chosen any of them.

Everything in the collection is perfect, and infinitely wearable. Those were my exact thoughts as I browsed through the clothing racks. Like I said, it was like entering Cinderella's closet!

Designer cocktail and evening outfits from brands such as Jovani, Adrianna Papell and Inge Christopher, all loved and worn by our favourite Hollywood starlets on countless occasions, arrive for the first time in Singapore, exclusively at Dress Sense.

These evening gowns were to-die-for. Ready to show off some sexyback? I think so. I went with the outfit on the right. A dress by Nicole Bakti, $859 to buy but only $226.20 to rent for a standard 2 weeks!

The Buy or Rent Concept

Whether you choose to buy, rent or rent first and buy later, the possibility depends on how in love you are with the outfit you chose to want to keep it.

  • You may choose to BUY a brand new piece at full price, just like any normal retail store OR buy a rented/pre-loved piece at a lower price. The price of a dress is automatically marked down each time a piece is rented out.
  • You may choose to RENT a piece for 2 weeks at a fraction of the full purchase price. Say the dress costs $600, you can rent it for 14 days for just under $150 although you have to pay the full purchase price first. When the outfit is returned, you will receive a refund of the difference between the purchase and rental price.
  • IF you need it for longer than 2 weeks, you can extend the rental by another 2 to 4 weeks. However, you are required to pay the rental fee again. Another alternative is to pay penalty late fees, which would come up to less if you just need it for a few more days.
  • If you were renting and DECIDED TO KEEP the piece you rented, simply drop an email to or give them a call (+65 6333 0329) to request for purchase and they will keep your rental deposit as the purchase payment since you’ve already paid the full price of the outfit in the beginning.

Now that’s what I call smart shopping!

^ All the gorgeous accessories are available for buy or rent too. Which means you can get complete your look all in one store. So prepare to spend a whole day in the dressing room, if you could.

Pick from any of the selected collection by Inge Christopher, Kendra Scott, Liquid Metal or Whiting & Davis. Most of these brands have long enjoyed well-deserved popularity with celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Eva Longoria, Tyra Banks and of course, the fashion press.

After 3 hours and more than 8 dresses later, I walked out with 2 dresses and 2 clutch bags to match each outfit. Exhausted, but pleased beyond question.

Dress Sense is conveniently located at Raffles City Shopping Centre (right by City Hall MRT station) at #03-29A.

*     *     *     *     *

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The dress I wore to the exclusive Johnnie Walker Jet Black Party on Saturday night – 12 March 2011.

The Hi-Lo Dress by Nicole Bakti – $859 to buy, $226.20 to rent.

Leather Clutch by Inge Christopher – $429 to buy, $113 to rent

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The ‘Sex & The City Dress’ I wore to the Cozycot + International Women’s Day 2011 event to receive my award for being 1 of ‘100 Most Inspiring Real Women’.

Sex & The City Dress by Faviana – $599 to buy, $163.80 to rent.

Silk Handbag by Inge Christopher – $269 to buy, $108.70 to rent (Now on 40% off due to their end of season sale.)

*     *     *     *     *

Check out Dress Sense on their website here and Facebook fanpage here. Hit the ‘Like’ button if you’re a fan!

Like the dresses? Feed your curiosity and visit Dress Sense at Raffles City Shopping Centre (right by City Hall MRT station) at #03-29A.

Esquire Magazine Launch Party @ Intermark, KL

Esquire Malaysia, the crème-de-la-crème of men’s magazines, was unveiled at an exclusive VIP party at the Intermark in Kuala Lumpur.

Esquire Malaysia magazine launch at Intermark
Charles and I.
With Henry, Liv, Hansen, Helen & David.
Even got the Petronas Towers in the background!
With Steph, Helen, Jeanette, Joao and Sheena
With Ashleigh.
With Helen and Sheena. Lovin’ her turquoise-colored nails.

Motivation of the Day: Lacey Schwimmer

Dancers have the hottest bodies. Lacey Schwimmer became my motivation of my day when I saw this photo of her stepping out of gym/dance practice. Sure she’s not ‘Cameron Diaz toned’ or ‘lean like Candice Swanepoel’ but that doesn’t make her body less desirable.

There's just something sexy about a girl in sports bra and baggy sweatpants. Plus points for the iPhone too.