Standard Chartered Fun Run 2011

The day started early as I ran the Standard Chartered Fun Run 2011 held at Putrajaya earlier today. It was really nice out there, away from the city where there aren’t many tall buildings. Weather was fantastic and the turn-out was massive! I had to be up at 5am to drive because it took an hour to drive there but it was so worth it.

Outside Pullman Putrajaya Hotel waiting for the shuttle bus. Beautiful sky. I love how there are barely any tall buildings in this area!
3km? Easy-peasy! Helen was so worried she would tire out but she made it to the finish line! I’m so proud of you, gurl.
Got 2nd place under the ‘Celebrity Run’ category. Yay me!
Police patrol on horses! Haven’t seen that since Key West. I miss horseback riding!

Coming up: My thoughts on the new Adidas CC ClimaCool Ride running shoes.

Just Made Me Some Bomb Tacos

That’s right. It’s Mexican almost all week.

It was probably good for about 4 to 5 people. There were only 3 of us though. Pretty stuffed afterwards.

Cheese, home-made mango salsa, minced beef. I would’ve loved to add an extra topping – diced onion. According to a couple of feedback, more onions would’ve been better than any lettuce at all. Boys. Charles doesn’t get the concept of lettuce.

Lettuce is good because it practically contains 0 calories and makes you full. He finds it useless and redundant to have lettuce in sandwiches. I personally like the extra crunch.

A satisfying dessert. Mmm… mouth-watering watermelons.




Hennessy Artistry Malaysia 2011 – Voodoo & The Opera

I hosted 2 Hennessy Artistry events last April (on April 28th & 30th) in Penang and KL. It was my first time in Penang and I have to say, they sure love a party. KL was welcoming as usual, everyone was amped.

Hosting Hennessy Artistry in Penang & Kuala Lumpur
Interview with Vandalism (AU)
Spinderella from KL (DJ Lizz & Miss Eva T)
Kyoto Protocol from KL
Hennessy Artistry at The Opera, KL
Fantastic crowd in KL!

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