Johnnie Walker Malaysia celebrated this year’s F1 season by throwing an exclusive black carpet event on April 9th, 2011, at Le Marquee, outside the Palace of The Golden Horses. Many would agree that it has got to be one of the hottest parties in Kuala Lumpur not only because both local & international celebrities come to grace the special event, all JW fans get nothing less than V-VIP treatment.

Le Marquee, Palace of the Golden Horses
With E! News Asia host, Dominique Lau

If you’re lucky, you may have caught a coverage of the event on E! News Asia. Dominique Lau was there to be the fashion police! Watch the official video of the party by Johnnie Walker here:

Helen Chong, DJ I-Tek, Adam Rose, myself & Norman Hartono
With Robyna Hon, Adam Rose and the Johnnie Walker ladies
Party is just about to get started!
The 4 DJs of the Night: DJ Faith (KL), DJ I-Tek (HK), DJ Sophia Lin (US) & DJ Bento (JP/US)

A couple of new tunes to add to your gym playlist brought to you by the DJs who rocked the dance floor that night:

DJ Bento‘s ‘Live @ Black Circuit Lounge KL, 2011
DJ I-Tek‘s ‘Club Bangers 2011

Also check out DJ Faith and DJ Sophia Lin on Facebook.

My favorite Johnnie Walker tagline.
My love.
Lewis Hamilton made a special appearance on the big screen that night - a very pleasant surprise!
With Charles and DJ I-Tek.

Black Circuit Lounge is something to look forward to every year because that’s when ALL my friends from all over the globe come to visit to attend the event. That’s how big it is! And I miss those guys. God knows how long I’ll be in Asia for…

To be invited to exclusive events by Johnnie Walker Malaysia, join their Facebook page and look out for their online contests.

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One thought on “Black Circuit Lounge April 2011: Best Served When Deserved

  1. Fay,

    You look stunning!

    It appears the party was great.
    However partying aside.

    The relevance of such events is of little importance to mos people.

    Very few in Malaysia, or neighbouring nations are in the so called creme de lacreme of society.
    You get to visit and perhaps you are lucky enough to be in that layer of society.
    Do not forget those who admire you.

    Most of us are so fortunate.


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