Review: Adidas ClimaCool Ride – Perfect For Beginners



Have I mentioned that I love Adidas?

Charles bought himself a pair as well – those black & yellow CC ride belong to his feet. Now before you stick a finger down your throat, let me first explain that we’re NOT into ‘couple color coordinating’! He got his shoes during a shopping trip to Bangkok when I wasn’t around and he hadn’t noticed that I got a similar one back home.

Going for a night run at Desapark to train for our 10km!

We signed up for the Standard Chartered KL Marathon on June 26th. Just a few weeks ago I did a fun run with the physically disadvantaged students for Standard Chartered as well but this time we’re doing 10km. That’s a big deal to me because I’m not a long distance runner. But I’m up for the challenge.

Running on the treadmill just doesn’t cut it for me. Especially when I’m training to build up stamina. Pressing the accelerate and decelerate button gets on my nerves. I’d rather control my speed with my legs, not a machine. I just wished there was a nicer park near my neighborhood where I can run but unfortunately my apartment is surrounded by office buildings.

Leonard drove Charles and I to Desa ParkCity which was about 40 minutes away from where I live. A little out there but that’s probably the nicest suburban area around. No tall buildings, no traffic, clean air and plenty of grassland.

Christian Bale looking fly in his blue Adidas ClimaCool kicks.

I know a friend who has 3 pairs in different color combinations to match his outfits. The design of the shoe is comparable to the Reebok ZigTech except the Adidas CC Ride is lighter, less bulky and comes in various color combinations.

Take your pick!

What I like about it
✓ it’s light. The mesh on these shoes keep my feet cool when the weather outside gets warm.
✓ the mesh ventilation makes it dry exceptionally fast if you’re a Sweaty McSweaterson like me, or if you happen to step into a puddle.
✓ it feels like you’re running barefoot.

What I don’t like about it
✗ it doesn’t have a lot of cushioning on the heel part and I personally feel it needs more arch and ankle support.
✗ you’ll probably need to wear thicker socks, which will make your feet sweat a little more but at least the shoe is well-ventilated.


Overall it’s the perfect shoe for beginners because it’s flexible, lightweight and does it’s job of absorbing impact instead of your knees taking the damage all the time.

It’s good to wear when you’re running outdoors in the heat or even on a casual day out but I wouldn’t wear these in the winter outside the gym.