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I decided to go for a hair relaxing treatment because I was getting a little bored of my long, wavy tresses. I spend way too much time styling my hair (blow-drying + tong) when I have to go out so I wanted a fuss-free hairstyle that’s manageable and easy to style when I’m on the go.

Rebonding wasn’t an option because my hair is naturally wavy so I was afraid it might end up looking ‘puffy’ and unnatural when it grows out it. Hair relaxing treatment could last between 3-6 months, you’re advised not to wash your hair for 2 days and have it up as a ponytail for a week. Conditioning your hair with a hair mask at least 3 times a week is also recommended so it doesn’t dry out or become frizzy.

The treatment took about 2½ hours...

Gotta love the free wi-fi at Essensuals Bugis! It can get pretty boring at the salon sometimes while you’re getting your hair done…

Before & after a little hair trim and blow-dry.
My stylist, Yan, and I. I love her Rihanna inspired hair color but the only downer is that she doesn't get to swim in the pool, otherwise her hair might turn green! 😛

Special promo packages available for 1st time customers:

$50 (usual price $95) – Haircut, blow-dry & treatment
$139 (usual price $225) – Haircut, color & treatment
$199 (usual price $320) – Haircut & perm (plus free product or treatment)
$219 (usual price $355) – Haircut, rebonding & treatment
For a quick fix, try the $40 Macadamia Oil Treatment + blow-dry including free consultation with the Essensuals Bugis professional stylists.

If it is your first time, mention how and where you heard about the promo (…my name and my blog of course!)

Essensuals Bugis is located at 241A Victoria Street on Bugis Village. It’s walking distance from the MRT station and just above Burger King. To make an appointment, call +65 6333 0039

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