Standard Chartered 10km Run

My first involvement in a marathon. Just 10km this year! Hopefully next year I’ll be able to do a half-marathon, and then a full 42km marathon and who knows, train for a triathlon?

Maybe next time I can join the elite runners!

Either way, this is quite a self-achievement for me although I wished I had a better time. I did it in 1 hour 17 minutes, which was what I had predicted considering the fact that I usually cover 5km in 40 minutes. Not the best time in a world but hey, I’m still new to this running thing…

I wished I had better training to build up my stamina but I didn’t get a lot of chance to run outdoors and running on the treadmill just isn’t the same. That might’ve sounded like an excuse but seriously, if I lived right by Desa Park City, I’d be more likely to run outside everyday.

It took a lot of mental strength not to slow down and walk when my legs started to feel tired. Jogging at a slower pace beats walking. It also helps to have over 10,000 other people running next to you. Why would you slow down, right? Keep up!

I should’ve had had a huge beef burger the night before. Eating meat (especially beef) or spicy food the night before is a terrible idea. Meat takes longer to digest.Carbohydrates come first and the easiest to digest, while meats and fats take the longest to clear on our digestive system. Meat may stay in the intestines for 24-72 hours! Likewise, red meat in particular takes 1-3 days to complete the digestion process because of fat content and high protein.

Even the quick digesting foods have to wait until the slowest digesting food like meat leave the stomach. The best idea is to avoid meat and eat more complex carbs like oat bran, brown rice, whole grain bread, fruits and vegetables at least 1 to 3 days before your race.

Been feeling bloated for over a day now… Better load up on some fiber!