The Sloane Clinic™ opened its first branch in KL recently and Dr. Low Chai Ling (founder and Medical Director of The Sloane Clinic) made a special visit from Singapore to give a special treat to 4 lucky bloggers including myself!

The Sloane Clinic focuses on all aspects of aesthetics, from cosmetic dermatology (including botox and laser treatments) to plastic surgery. It opened it’s first clinic in Singapore in 2006, with 4 other branches (including the newly opened branch in Malaysia) following its success.

From left to right: Dr. Teh Siew Yen, Katherine Ng, Brigette Liberty, myself, Helenness Chong and Dr. Low Chai Ling

Dr. Teh Siew Yen is based in KL and she’s your go-to person who will most likely have all the answers to your beauty concerns.

Consultation with Dr Teh Siew Yen

Personally, I don’t have any problems with my skin. However, due to work, stress and the inevitable effects of aging, the dark circle under my eyes and laugh lines have become more prominent and it seems no amount of concealer or anti-aging cream has helped. I would never have considered getting fillers to improve the problem until it was recommended by Dr. Teh.

Truth be told, I AM afraid of needles and I’ve only done a facial spa once in my whole life. So yes, getting this treatment done was quite a big deal to me! I also considered getting botox in the beginning but I didn’t do it because 1) I was afraid of the pain 2) maintenance isn’t cheap.

The major difference between botox and fillers is that botox focuses on immobilizing or relaxing the facial muscles to relieve wrinkles, whereas injectable fillers focus on tissue filling to teat the age lines.

If wrinkles appear upon frowning, smiling, laughing, blinking or squinting, botox treatment is recommended. If wrinkles are present even when the face is at rest, fillers are the best treatments to smoothen out the age lines.

Think about it: If you’re going to spend money on the best anti-aging products  that will probably take weeks or even months to show any results, why not spend your dollars wisely on a more effective treatment that will deliver immediate results?

There is no doubt that many would debate with on this matter but not a lot of them realize that cosmetic dermatology is more common these days, not just with Hollywood celebs, but among us. The reason for not knowing is simply because they don’t openly talk about it.

Before & After results of laser toning and filler injections

I was very impressed by the results and there was barely any discomfort during the procedure. Besides fillers for my under-eye and laugh lines, I also did the laser toning treatment which helped to even out the skin tone and minimize pores. The results? Like I’ve taken at least 4 years off of my face… Amazing!

Preparing the skin before the treatment. Firstly by removing make-up and cleansing the skin.
Laser toning (RM1000)

Laser toning: Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, this no downtime laser does not leave your skin red or flushed after the treatment and is great as a lunch time beauty fix to tone your skin, and minimize pores. The treatment was done by Dr. Low. As I have a tanned complexion, my skin absorbed the heat more than it is likely to happen to those with a fair complexion. Hence, my face was left a little red but not for long.

The whole procedure took about 10-15 minutes. It was a little painful (almost like getting slapped in the face…) but Dr. Low was very comforting and handled it well. Next, fillers.

Revitalift undereye (RM1800)

Revitalift undereye: This skin brightening treatment is delivered via a series of painless microinjections. It boosts your skin’s collagen, illuminating skin and undereye circles. It can be done on the full face or on the undereye area as you have done. This treatment was handled by Dr.Teh with assistance from her nurse.

First they used frozen peas in a bag to numb the area under my eyes. A small needle is used to inject the fillers under the eyes while a small handheld vibrating device is placed on my chin to minimize pain during the injection. After the laser toning, this one didn’t hurt at all. Surprisingly, I personally felt that getting the injections was far more bearable than the laser treatment!

The best part is, I made a comparison after getting fillers on one side of my under-eye and could clearly see the major difference! The same procedure was done for my laugh lines too.

These filler injections left pin pricks that are so tiny that they will close rapidly and healed very quickly. It was also concealable with make-up.

Should you feel like you need to do a bit of touch-up before you go, there’s a powder room where they provide make-up from Model & Co., Sloane Inc. Mineral Make-Up (yes, they have their own cosmetics line too) and Rachel K Cosmetics.

You can continue to do your daily facial regimen with no reactions to the laser toning and filler injections. However, good skin care is advised to maintain the results.

Sloane Inc’s Miracle lift (RM400): A non-oily facial lifting serum that helps improve skin tone and boost firmness so that your skin looks gorgeous even sans makeup.

Sloane Inc’s 24K gold (RM316): A glow inducing skin primer. You can literally see the gold flakes when you pump this liquid gel on the palm of your hands! It helps enhance skin’s elasticity, firmness & smoothness. By improving circulation & decreasing skin inflammation pure gold helps to rejuvenate the skin from inside out, boosting skin’s natural radiance & luminescence.

Personally I only use the Miracle Lift at night before I go to bed (after putting on toner, followed by a moisturizer) and the 24K Gold Skin Primer to prep my skin before I put on my foundation and make-up during the day.

Truly satisfied customers after receiving our treatments of course, we have Dr. Teh and Dr. Low to thank for a wonderful job!

The Sloane Clinic
79 Jalan Maarof, Bangsar
Tel: (603) 2288 1788

Open on Monday to Saturday from  10am – 8pm. Closed on Sundays & Public holidays.

To see a list of other treatments provided at The Sloane Clinic, check out

(hat tip: Andy Kho for the photos)


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