THWACK Launch Event In Singapore

June 29, 2011 – Much to my delight, I was invited to attend the press conference and official launch event of a new sports brand, Thwack, held at the Fairmont in Singapore. Thwack is supported and started up by One Sports, a part of India-based company, One Group.

I very much enjoyed my stay at the Fairmont. Its location makes it so convenient to get around with plenty of shopping and eateries nearby.
I was accompanied by my sister, Alyssa! We finally got to hang out again after she's moved back to Singapore from Japan. I've missed her so much and was glad that I was able to spend time with her during my short visit to Singapore.
At the Thwack press conference.
Speakers at the press conference: Reji Mathew (Managing Director of One Sports Network), Akhil Ganatra (Managing Director of One Group), Kiran Ganatra (Chairman of One Group) and Xiong Guobao (Former elite level badminton player from China).
Kiran Ganatra and Xiong Guobao unveiling the patented Thwack badminton rackets.

Xiong Guobao is a former elite level badminton player from China who won numerous international singles titles in the late 1980s. With support from One Sports, Coach Guobao designed a unique badminton racket to help enable a player to improve his or her game.

After 20 years of his athletic career as a player and a coach, Guobao found that the most important factor in playing the game is the grip. Hence, he’s crafted a patented design for the Thwack badminton rackets that comes with a unique embedded fingerprint to improve the technique of the player.

The Thwack badminton racket was designed in collaboration with estwhile world badminton champion (1984-1990), Xiong Guobao, whose scientifically designed grip will improve the game, particularly the forehand and backhand shots.

 Regardless of a professional athlete or an amateur, the grip is the most important aspect of the game. To master different stokes, it is important to master the proper grip. The Thwack badminton racket is aimed to guide both new and experienced players the right way of handling the racket and consequently improving their techniques.

Besides badminton rackets, Thwack is also developing tennis and squash rackets which is due to be launched later in year.

Posing with Xiong Guobao's cardboard cut-out because he was too busy with interviews that I didn't get the chance for a photo op... yet!

 Another unique product unveiled at the launch was the Thwack Humanoid. This product is another revolutionary exercise equipment designed on the principles of the Chinese martial art, Wushu.

Zig Zach was brought in to do a demo at the press conference. He is a professional Singaporean junior middleweight kickboxer better known for his Muay Thai fighting skills as a contestant on the international hit reality TV series, The Contender Asia.

A pair of punching gloves were included as part of the press kit and I loved it but it only came in medium size - which is a little too big for my hands!

 The Humanoid is made of a combination of PU, natural rubber and steel with suction technology that maintains its stability.

It’s perfect for practicing on your own, compared to the punching bag – which swings around a lot unless you have a training partner to hold it in position for you. It also features human body parts which gives you a better target spot to aim at when you practice your kicks and punches.

The Thwack Humanoid comes in 3 different sizes which varies in height: 1.6m, 1.7m and 1.8m
Your beasty opponent: The Thwack Humanoid.
Zig Zach giving a quick demo of the Humanoid just before the dinner event.

A dinner boxing event, hosted by Allan Wu, was held later in the evening in the glitzy Padang ballroom at the Fairmont hotel.

Thwack dinner boxing event held in the Padang ballroom at the Fairmont Hotel.

The night kicked off with Muay Thai fighters performing a traditional ritual which precedes all contests an training. Then, there was the celebratory toast to officially launch Thwack.

Clyde Petres giving the Thwack Humanoid a go in his suit, a la James Bond!

Clyde Petres (a European kickboxer and personal trainer) came all the way from Netherlands to attend the Thwack event. He owns his own gym where he’s tried and tested the Thwack Humanoid and practices kickboxing with it regularly. He had successfully battled cancer and is continuing his passion for kickboxing which makes his story truly commendable.

Clyde had a go with the Thwack Humanoid in his suit, a la James Bond! This just goes to show that the Thwack Humanoid is not just ideal for gyms but also in corporate offices. Don’t you ever feel like punching the wall to relieve stress at work sometimes?

The event had all the ingredients to make it a heady experience: Exhibition fights, demos by kickboxing champions, truffles, salmon, caviar and champagne on the menu.
With Sebastian Munter and Clyde Petres.
With Xiong Guobao and his associate, Jacky Man.
The night goes on with an after-party at New Asia Bar, one of my favorite night club in Singapore. The view from the 71st floor is amazing!

I was pleasantly surprised to see DJ Eva T who I’ve found out spins at New Asia Bar every Wednesdays. She flies down from KL every Tuesday/Wednesday to spin. KL represent! With such an amazing view and great company, it was the perfect way to end the night.

*     *     *     *     *

June 30, 2011 – The following day started early for me with my usual morning call with JJ & Ean on Then, it was time for me to get my workout of the day.

A bus was arranged to bring guests and members of the media to Sengkang Sports & Recreation Center at Anchorvale Community Club for the badminton training clinic.

I learned a lot from the training clinic and found myself liking the sport even more!

Watching Xiong Guobao play a friendly match at Sengkang Sports & Recreation Center (Anchorvale Community Club).

Coach Guobao did a demo to show the correct technique of gripping the racket and positioning of the leg movement with each shot.

Thwack badminton products.

 To complement the marquee products, Thwack also launched accessories like shuttle cocks, tennis balls, punch mitts and gloves, along with a range of stylized kit bags.

To get a glimpse of the Thwack badminton racket training video, check out .
Xiong Guobao signs his autograph on some of the Thwack products.
Thwack badminton rackets have been designed for both left-handed and right-handed users. It also comes in different sizes (length of the racket/ girth of the grip) to suit players of different age and abilities.

Thwack plans to continue conducting the badminton clinics across the globe in the next few months. In fact, badminton academies in India, Holland and Malaysia have invited Thwack to conduct the training clinics in August and September this year.

Thwack products will be available worldwide simultaneously through local distributors by the end of July and is definitely a brand worth looking out for.

My Interview in The Sun

I am blessed to have the Sun, a free local newspaper in Malaysia, do an interview and feature me on their front page. This came out on Thursday, July 7th. Thank you!

FAY who? You would be asking the same question if someone were to briefly mention about Fay Hokulani. To some it maybe tongue-twisting but for Fay, Hokulani simply means “‘star of the sky” in Hawaiian. At a glance, she could look Latino, Filipino or the infl uence of her name may even cause you to think that she is Hawaiian. Born in Singapore, the 23-year-old tanned beauty is actually of mixed parentage (Chinese, Indonesian and Peranakan).

You would have previously admired her toned body on the covers of Maxim, STUFF and FHM Singapore, and had thoughts about how some girls are just born with a slim figure without having to worry about what they eat and drink, what more the thought of whether they are into workouts. The fact that she was once a model did not mean that she went through a drastic dieting system of starving herself skinny to achieve an ideal body to maintain her shapely fi gure. Ironically, it was during her modeling days that she was once at an unhealthy weight due to her late nights out and irregular meal times.

However, Fay did not stay long in that unhealthy state and decided to turn her life around to achieve a healthy body and lifestyle. In November 2008, inspired to also influence other girls out there who are struggling to lead a healthy lifestyle, she started her own website called where she shares personal fitness advice, healthy living and beauty reviews.

Fay’s determination to achieve a better lifestyle earned her a television gig on the Singaporean arts entertainment programme called ‘SCORE’ on OKTO channel in 2009 and she was the host for season one and two. As we only ever hear Fay talking about the latest international celebrity gossips on’s Gettin Down & Dirty with Fay Hokulani segment, for a change this time, the radio presenter tells us more about her regular routines and how she feels like she’s just a girl next door.

Why did you leave Singapore?
Partly because I want to explore the  entertainment industry in another country while I’m still young. I wanted to experience how things worked in another country and at the same time gain some knowledge from it. But a big chunk of why I decided to leave was because of love. It’s quite a sudden move but I think it’s the right move to follow my boyfriend to Malaysia. Since I wanted to work in another country, now I can do it with a loved one by my side – what more could I ask for?

How does it feel to leave your career in Singapore?
It was not an easy decision to make, I have to admit. My career in the entertainment industry is established and most people wouldn’t want to just drop everything and leave. I could have stayed back in Singapore and stay in that comfort zone, but I think it’s time to pick up some challenges. We all need some challenges in our lives at some point in time to enhance our lives, otherwise it will be a monotonous lifestyle and eventually it will become dull and boring.

How has it been so far?
Things are going great! Better than I expected it to be. I actually gave myself a time frame and if I didn’t fi nd a job by that time, I was supposed to pack up and go back to Singapore. I auditioned for the slot with sometime last October, but I didn’t get a call until December. Initially I thought I didn’t
make it and was preparing myself to go home. It felt surreal when they called to tell me that I got the spot! I am also blogging fulltime, but my slot with blends in well with my schedule. What’s best is, I can work from wherever I am as long as I have a phone with me. My slot of Getting Down & Dirty with Fay Hokulani only takes up five to 10 minutes, so it’s no sweat at all.

What inspired you to start
I started it purely because I wanted to share with all the girls out there that they too can achieve a healthy lifestyle. I was double my weight when I was in the States and it was a hard lesson to learn. I was modelling and when I got caught up with the lifestyle of spending too many late nights out and didn’t watch what I was eating, I ballooned and that affected not only my weight but the whole modelling industry looked down on me. I had photographers complaining about how I should not even be on-set because of my ‘overweight’ looks and fashion clients didn’t want me to model their products. I was really depressed then and I knew I had to do something about it and that led me to start a workout regimen. I lost all the weight and am determined to maintain it. This is part of the reason why I started the blog, so that I could connect with all the health, fitness, fashion and beauty junkies all over the world to share tips on how to lose weight, workout, eat healthy, live a healthy lifestyle and look good.

How did you lose the extra weight you gained?
I changed my diet where I cut out a lot of the unhealthy food that I used to eat and ate more regularly instead of skipping meals. Apart from keeping a healthy diet, I started running. Not jogging, but running for a solid 20 minutes a day, about three times a week. I was amazed at the results when I lost weight as I wasn’t very into sports although my family is athletic. I never took interest in sports, so running regularly is an achievement for me.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to lose weight healthily?
Don’t skip your meals as it would only disrupt your metabolic rate. Skipping meals may give fast results, but the faster your lose, the faster you gain them back. Dieting may sound negative, but there are a lot of healthy ways to do it. It does not mean ‘not eating’ but cutting down on bad food. Exercise is also important to balance your diet. However, both have to coexist. Without a good diet, exercising is put to waste because you are eating everything back after you workout while a good diet can only do that much to our bodies while exercise encourages blood circulation and keeps you fresh at all times.

If you weren’t hosting and DJing, what would you have done?
I graduated in visual communication which allows me to take up freelance graphic designing projects. I am still taking projects now, but at the moment, I can’t see myself doing it full-time. I’m a person who loves the outdoors and I enjoy being on-the-go. I can’t stand a graphic designer’s life where I have to face the computer for the rest of my life. But if I have to do it for a living, yes, I would learn to accept it.

Tech Savvy Gal
ON her day off, Fay is mostly seen in a baggy t-shirt which she feels most comfortable wearing, pairing it with jeans and boots. She loves boots over heels simply because of her on-the-go lifestyle which requires her to be on her feet at all times which is not so suitable for high heels. Her favourite boots are those with hidden wedges as they are the most comfortable and allow her to run in them. At a glance, no one would guess that Fay is technology savvy. Among her friends, she is a gadget person where she owns a MacBook, an iPhone and one of her favourite pastimes, play Xbox 360 games.

Even as a celebrity blogger, model, host and now a radio presenter, Fay never felt the need to apply too much make-up. She believes in maintaining good skin with a simple beauty regimen of cleansing and moisturising. At the same time, her ultimate belief is to eat healthily as it not only helps cultivate a healthy lifestyle, but also shows on her skin.

Getting Back On The Wagon

Run through fat days.
Run despite whoever loves you or doesn’t.
Run through regret and guilt.
Run through frustrations.
Run through loneliness.
Run through those blissful days.
Run despite your dysfunctional family.
Run through people drifting in and out of your life.
Run through your own fits of self doubt…

…because we are no longer those girls who thought constantly of their struggle to “disappear”.

I choose to be healthy, to grow stronger, to be as alive as I possibly can.

Who’s with me?

*     *     *     *     *

Building up my stamina again after a few weeks of slacking. I had just been getting bored and lazy… I guess we all go through this phrase every once in a while. But I’m definitely slowly getting back on the wagon.

Whenever I feel lazy or tired, I remind myself that “The more energy you use, the more you’ll get back” and a good workout should leave you feeling more energized and alert, if not after, the next day!

Last Friday – TRX Advanced
Last Saturday – Rest
Last Sunday – Muay Thai
MondayGym (Shoulders + Triceps)
Tuesday – Badminton
Wednesday – Cardio (Run + Cycle)
Thursday Gym (Back + Biceps)
Friday – TRX Extreme
SaturdayGym (Legs)
Sunday – Muay Thai

So besides eating healthily, what have you been doing for exercise?

Train Like A Champion With Adidas

I stayed at the Fairmont during my last trip to Singapore and was very impressed to find out that Fairmont Fit (exclusively for members of the Fairmont President’s Club) is supported by Adidas to provide you with all your basic workout needs.

Exercise your privileges.

With such convenience, there’s no reason for you to skip exercise while traveling!

What's your excuse now?

*     *     *     *     *

If you don’t have a training buddy and find it hard to work out on your own, here’s something for you.

 Adidas has teamed up with True Group (comprising of True Yoga and True Fitness) to launch the adidas Fitness Academy (aFA).

The Academy will offer three unique classes inspired by acclaimed Olympic medallists, ACC athletes and fitness experts; who make up adidas’ current suite of Global Instructors. Each adidas Fitness Academy class is designed by adidas Global Fitness Coaches that are renowned experts in their own fields.

adidas Zone Cycling
Inspired by Olympic gold medalist Sir Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton, adidas Zone Cycling is an indoor cycling class that’ll take all participants on a journey into the Velodrome to the highest podium. adidas Zone Cycling is a unique group exercise experience which will leave you feeling renovated, recharged, motivated & inspired to reach their highest fitness goals.

adidas Personal Training
No one needs to be an athlete to train like one. Power up those workouts with plyos, speed work, and metabolic circuits to get you moving toward your fitness goals. By turning up the intensity of each session you will feel quicker, fitter, and more powerful and agile as you meet the demands of your life. These sessions will show you how to increase the density of your training sessions, maximizing your time in the gym and taking you to fitness levels you’ve never thought possible.

adidas Yoga
This practice module is an invitation to connect to your inherent strength as a way to express yourself more effectively both on the mat and in daily life. The degree of clarity to which you communicate your thoughts, emotions and experiences to others is governed by your ability to consistently connect to and draw from your inner strength. adidas plays with applying the Two Primary Energy Flows as a way to better understand this concept in our bodies.

Through the practice of Muscular Energy we can efficiently connect to our personal strength and from this connection, more clearly express our experience through Organic Energy. This full-spectrum sequence will strengthen and tone your legs, arms and upper back while opening your hips and creating more freedom in your lower back and shoulder girdle.

Classes will be held at True Fitness and True Yoga centres in Singapore, available from July 2011, exclusively for True Group members. More details on the adidas Fitness Academy can be found at