VSX: When Your Body Feels Good, You Look Good

How do Victoria’s Secret Angels Candice Swanepoel and Erin Heatherton gear up for a Supermodel-worthy workout? Watch as they rock the Fall 2011 VSX Sexy Sport collection.

Lovin’ their tagline too – “When Your Body Feels Good, You Look Good“.

With this new line-up of yoga pants, sports bras and workout clothing, sweating is sexier than ever.


Candice is sure lookin’ lean, toned, fit and mighty fine!

Photo Blogging

I am happily writing this post with my new Macbook Air. Money well spent! This is so much more worth it than an iPad. Eyeing the new Blackberry next. Some photos from my old Blackberry…

Look for me in the August issue of NewMan (Malaysia) magazine!
With some of my favorite Malaysian beauties.
My new favorite snack. Baby carrots with ‘HOT’ Tostitos salsa dip. You’ll be so full, trust me, you won’t feel like eating else anything after! 🙂
Back in SF. Scrappy wants out. Aww…
Bomb make-your-own salad at Pluto’s! In Palo Alto…
Tasty, and goes well with beer but for your own good, you better have some gum or mint ready because it’s going to give you a nasty breath…
Instant cup noodles? Try instant cup cereal! Wished they sell these where I live now, it would be so handy.
I’m a proud owner. A friend bought this for me as a birthday gift after he remembered that I showed him the Shake Weight Dub YouTube video…

 Click here to see the Shake Weight Dub video

Vegas blues…
Trying out some new products from Maximuscle.sg



After a tiring albeit time well-spent in the Bay area catching up with old friends and family, we were ready for yet another fun-filled weekend in VEGAS.

A friend of a friend was celebrating his bachelor night there (as expected) so that was reason enough for us to take an hour flight down from SF to Sin City.

Diggin' the purple mood lights.
Not your typical boring-ass safety and features instructions booklet that's for sure...
Don't you hate it when people do that?
Awesome feature.
Hotel where we stayed at... Plainly named THEhotel.
Mandalay Bay pool... Bodysurfing anyone?

The sun was blazing hot but thank God it wasn’t humid so we weren’t sweatin’ our asses off. Also, people don’t really give you disapproving stares if you’re wearing very little clothes because it’s VEGAS!

Best Japanese food I ever had at RM Seafood. The surf and turf sushi (far left) was delicious x100.
Keeping ourselves entertained while the boys play Black Jack.
Then later kicking their asses at beer pong. Boo ya!
When someone's got a ride like this, you know they're up to no good...

What happens after this might be a little inappropriate and unnecessary to share on my blog but the best way to put it is… “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Day 2 of partying. Ballin' at XS with E, a friend from Florida and his girl Arianna.

Unlike here in Asia (like in Bangkok, Singapore and KL), bottle service and table reservation are only for the high rollers. A table by the dancefloor can easily set you back at least 5 grand (US dollars). A bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label is about USD500 while at most clubs in Asia, it’s about USD100.

We literally partied until the sun came up. After XS, we went to Drai’s, an after-hours club. If you like hiphop, this is the place to be… But you better know someone who can hook you up otherwise you’re likely to be waiting in line for an hour.

Don't be surprised if you see a pro-NBA star at Drai's... Or Diddy, for that matter.
I'll have that strawberry platter...

By the time we got home, it was already 8am… Slept for a few hours and dragged ourselves out for lunch a little bit of shopping.

Could this be the biggest FOREVER 21 store?
Shopping at Fashion Show Mall.
After 2 nights of partying on Thursday and Friday, we decided to take it easy on Saturday night and signed up to watch an adult cabaret-style show called Zumanity. It was absolutely out of this world and totally worth every penny!

We probably would’ve partied again on Saturday night after watching the show but not when we have an 8am flight the next morning. So instead, we walked along the strip, and went back straight to our hotel to rest.

Our last meal before we left... In-n-Out! Animal style fries... Mm. I didn't finish the whole thing though, of course.

Another long journey back to SF, Tokyo, Bangkok and then home in KL…

Welcome To The Good Life: From KL to Honolulu to San Francisco…

So I just turned a year older on August 2nd (holla if you’re a Leo too!) and spent my actual birthday at nice, intimate dinner with a few good friends in KL.

2 birthday cakes is the way to go! Charles got me a cookies & cream ice-cream cake and the complimentary chocolate cake was compliments from the restaurant.
Capturing moments with a polaroid.
Hard to believe it's already been a year since I moved to KL! Met some quality people who made that night extra special...
Flying from Tokyo to Honolulu and celebrating with a glass of bubbly!
Plane food is not so bad afterall...
Saw 'Soul Surfer' while flying from Tokyo to Honolulu. Based on a true story about pro-surfer, Bethany Hamilton. I highly recommend it!
This is Honolulu.
Forget lemon water... Try pineapple water!

So Charles and I actually made it to the wrong hotel. We were supposed to go to The Marriott WAIKIKI Edition but went to The Marriott on Waikiki Beach instead. They were totally on opposite sides of the map but on the flip side, at least I got to try the delicious pineapple water.

Welcome to Hawaii - where the weather is perfect all year round.
Exploring Waikiki by foot...
I had to make up for that huge meal I had on the flight but I forgot how big the proportions are here...
Charles took it easy with a burger and beer... That's okay I guess since we're on a holiday. That said, 'ISLANDS' serve some pretty mean burgers! It's located at Ala Moana Center. After lunch, we walked back to the hotel and crashed until 10pm...
A secret bar awaits behind that bookshelf... At The Waikiki Edition (Marriott)
Went for a walk along the beach around midnight... Damn jetlag!
Found ourselves at MAC 24-7, a favorite spot by the locals to hit up after-hours. It's located at the Hilton on Waikiki. The chicken adobo was legit - best I ever had really!
Lunch at Duke's the next day.

I gotta warn ya, I know this is a health & fitness blog but I’ve got tons of food pics in this post so if you think you’re going to start binging, please click away. If you have strong willpower, continue to scroll down.

I was only able to eat half of that sandwich. And yeah those nachos were as good as it looks...
The infamous Duke's Hula Pie. You gotta try it! Oreo cookie bottom made it hard for me to resist...
Soaking up the sun and letting the food digest before catching the waves.
Just after surfing with a giant sea turtle! It was incredible to see the turtle bobbing it's head out of the water. It was literally an arm's length away from us! Should've worn that rashguard though... Note the redness on my upper abdomen.
Sunset is beautiful in Hawaii. Had an early dinner at Marimoto Japanese restaurant at The Waikiki Edition before heading to the airport. By the end of the trip, I realized that we ate mostly Japanese and Mexican food!

We managed to get some shut eye during our 7-hour flight from Honolulu to San Francisco and we arrived in SFO at around 9am. Dropped our stuff off at Charles’ mom’s house in San Mateo and quickly chowed down some Mexican food at Poncho Villa Taqueria before heading to the city to see a GIANTS vs PHILLIES game.

Charles was reunited with some high school friends and we also got to catch up with a friend some Singapore who now lives in SF. Good times!
Patrick (left) is looking a little like Dwayne Johnson in this one.
What a shame but my camera was out of battery so I had to take photos with my iPhone. We went clubbing in SF that night at Vessel and there would've been some wicked photos from the party if only my camera was working!
Charles' mom spoiled us with some good ol' homemade food while we were there...
Dogs as accessories. Missy (left) is 14 and Scrappy (right) is only 2. Such sweethearts.
We went to Six Flags near Vallejo where we only went on 3 rides. Sounds pathetic but the 3 rides were massive! They were 3 of the biggest rides there... I think I suffered a whiplash the next day. Or maybe we're just getting old...
Dinner at home with Charles' folks. Alicia cooked up a storm! My mouth is watering just thinking about it...
Korean BBQ for lunch at Benihana's in San Mateo the next day.
BBQ dinner with my aunt and cousin in San Jose. Wished we had more time together! Another crappy quality photo taken with my iPhone.
Missy loves car rides... She's switched on whenever she hears 'CAR RIDE'!
Scrappy prefers to chill in the back seat with me.
Bomb salad bar in Palo Alto called Pluto's.
Mexican food (again) at Palapas in Santa Cruz while visiting Charles' relatives.
Revisiting Charles' high school.
What a great setting for a run around the lake in the backyard.
Driving down to SF. This time, Scrappy took the front seat with me.
Catching up with old friends at Tipsy Pig, a great chillout bar in SF. I forgot that it gets pretty cold at night in Frisco... Thank God for that leather jacket from YesStyle.com which I packed at the last minute!
True Filipino-style homemade chicken adobo. The last meal Alicia cooked for us before we left SF for Vegas! I'm afraid my blog is quickly turning into a food blog with all these yummy photos of food...

 Part 2 of the trip comin’ right up…