A challenging, all-over body workout demanding coordination, endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance, rock climbing is one of the most calorie-consuming fitness exercises out there.

8 Exercises That Burn the Most Calories

1. Cycling – between 850 – 570 calories burned per hour
2. Running – about 850 calories burned per hour (8-minute mile)
3. Jumping Rope – between 680 – 815 calories burned per hour
4. Boxing – between 615 – 815 calories burned per hour
5. Rowing – between 580 – 650 calories burned per hour
6. Swimming – between 545680 calories burned per hour
7. Rock Climbing – between 540750 calories burned per hour
8. Rugby – between 681715 calories burned per hour

Rock climbing is a great exercise because it targets muscles in the arms, chest, back, and even the legs. This makes it a great exercise for people who don’t have a whole lot of time. They can get a total body exercise in with only one type of workout!

Rock climbing @ Camp 5 (1Utama Shopping Center, KL)

I finally got the chance to try it out myself recently! Took up a 4-hour beginner’s class where I learned all the necessary safety skills for indoor rock climbing.

Climbing partners literally hold each others’ safety and security in their hands every time they belay.
Benefits of rock climbing include increased physical fitness, improved problem-solving skills, building trust and teamwork. I made some new friends too 🙂

Speaking of rock climbing, the first climbing showcase event in Malaysia will take place during the ZENERGY BOULDER Craze 2011. It will be held this Saturday, 24th September 2011, at theCURVE Shopping Mall at Mutiara Damansara between 11am to 11pm.

See you there!

The main event features 24 (12 Men & 12 Women) of the best climbing athletes in the region perform a climbing showcase. Participants include athletes from Singapore, Thailand, Phillipines, Hong Kong & Malaysia. Other event highlights include a fashion walk event, a Capoeira demonstration by Bantus Capoeira Malaysia plus an Acro-Yoga demonstration by Inspired Yoga Studio.

For more info, check out the ZENERGY Boulder Craze 2011 event page on Facebook. Worth checking out if you’re thinking about trying out rock climbing or if you already are a climber! See you there!


5 thoughts on “Rock Climbing: 1 of 8 Exercises That Burn the Most Calories

  1. Faye,

    Rock climbing is great fun. It would be interested to know why you ignore cycling as an exercise.
    Cycyling can be done solo or a group. The excersise value is known, and it is one of the best!

    Cycling is easier on the body as one ages. Being more than twice your age I can assure you and your readers comfort is vastly underated.


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