Here’s a motivating quote to get you started this week!

Work off that sluggish feeling. Head here for an instant pick-me-up.

For me, today’s agenda is pretty simple. I’m going to step it up a notch this week so I’m splitting my cardio into 2 sessions – 30 minutes in the morning for cardio and 60 minutes in the afternoon for lifting.

So here’s the plan before I start off…

1.  1st breakfast – Green tea and a scoop of oats & Weetabix
2.  30 mins cardio
3.  2nd breakfast – 2 hard boiled eggs – whites only
4.  Photo/video shoot at the gym
5.  60 minutes weight training
6.  Lunch – baked salmon + broccoli for lunch
7.  Head to the supermarket + prepare meals for this week
8.  2nd lunch – 2 hard boiled eggs – whites only
9.  Dinner – grilled chicken + spinach
10. Plan tomorrow’s workout… Make sure I’m in bed by 1.30am.

Let’s go!

Have a great week ahead... Start your day right!

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