3 thoughts on “The World’s Top Ten Most Filling Foods

  1. Hi Fay (:

    Can I ask what would you recommend for someone who’s height is 162cm, weighs about 55kg and wants to lose weight.. I was thinking of joining a kickboxing aerobics class, which consists of cardio and also some muscle toning in the last 15 min.. Do u think it is ok? Or should I try to lose some weight by solely running before trying out such classes? My concern is that I do not want to the fats to turn to muscles.. I should be losing out the fats first right? Pls enlighten me! Thanks (:

  2. Im also not a fan of popcorn. It only taste good when youre at the cinema hehe 😀
    Its my 1st time to comment here in your blog. Your blog inspires me to get fit and healthy 🙂

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