7 thoughts on “Fitness Comes In Different Sizes

  1. Hi Fay could I ask how you use the maxitone drink? Could you do a review on it? :)) And of you ever have the time could you let us in on how you lost all the weight (2008 period I think?) I’ll confirm bookmark the post. Haha. Thanks !

  2. Hi Fay,

    I’m looking into taking some supplements. Currently on the maxi tone sculptress shake before my workouts, do you recommend anything else from maxi muscle or maxi tone that you have tried/using that’s good? Thanks!


  3. Hi Fay, While I totally agree with you that fitness does come in different sizes in my honest and humble opinion, I think the picture you posted is not quite the best representation of this statement. Case in point they have similar proportions with the exception of the last two who are slightly taller. Don’t see how that represents different shapes and sizes.

    I’d like to share with you an image from a Sport Illustrated article showing female Olympic athletes.
    Now this is truly showing different shapes and sizes.

  4. Fay,

    Great idea and concept. WRONG photo. Sure a group of 20ish models will look great. How about getting group of REAL females in bikiins from all agre groups, say teen through 50s!

    A photo of real women, (Not models) who look fit across many ages will be truly inspiring!


  5. Yeah, they all look really similar, with all the same muscles developed and the same body fat. You can get a LOT more diverse than that and still be healthy. And the body type shown here is not the one that needs reassurance of its beauty. The girls with big abs, big butts, big arms, no boobs, no hips, too manly, 30% body fat… they’re the ones who might need encouragement. Might need someone to say “if you’re healthy, you’re beautiful” every once in a while so they don’t forget it. So they don’t think they need to leave their health behind to become beautiful.

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