I’m so happy to share that I was featured in The Star Malaysia iPad app on 2nd November 2011 [download it here!]. My blog is getting so much love and I’d like to thank YOU for making that happen.

Do continue to learn, comment, share your knowledge and live fit, my Lovers.

Almost bit my tongue here πŸ˜›
Tighten those abs!
Things you can do at home… Besides sitting on your couch πŸ™‚
Strengthen your back.
Still flabby? You ain’t getting lean if you don’t lift!
*elbows in a locked position
Thank you to all my readers… You made this happen!

5 thoughts on “My Feature In The Star Malaysia

  1. You look great! Is there no other way to view the videos unless you have an ipad?

    By the way, any advice on working out during the time of the month?

    1. Woah, I was actually about to leave a similar comment to yours. Fay, your discipline is very admirable and inspirational! How tough are you on your body when you are not feeling as well, especially during that time of month? I hate the icky feeling of being bloated!

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