As mentioned in my previous post, rock-climbing is one the most calorie-consuming workouts out there that builds up strength and agility.  It’s a very popular sport amongst students who take it up as an extra-curricular actitivy in school and some even started training at the age of 14!

The first climbing showcase in Malaysia took place during the ZENERGY Boulder Craze 2011 on 24th September outside theCURVE Shopping Mall.

 The event was organized by newcomers into the sporting events scene, ZENERGY Sports, who aim to bring non-mainstream sports to the fore through fun, exciting and unique events such as Boulder Craze.

As a special guest at this unique event, I was invited to meet with 24 of the participants from around the region, including some of the best climbers from Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong and Malaysia.
With the hosts of the event, Janell Tan and Faizal Ariffin.
The 17ft high outdoor wall was designed differently for the 2 categories – Men and Women. Participants were only allowed to use the natural strengh of their hands and legs (no safety harnesses except for a thick foam mat that covered the stage floor).
Mr. Lok Hon San, founder of ZENERGY, giving his speech just before the unveiling of the outdoor rock-climbing wall.
Qualifying rounds took place in the afternoon with the women’s category giving it a headstart followed by the men’s category.
The paths were very challenging, as it requires a lot upper and lower body strength as well as a steady handgrip.
Flexibility also plays a part in this sport as you are required to reach for the climbing holds, which can be spread out from each other.

 (Read more about Climbing Holds.)

With Mr. Lok Hon San, Founder of Zenergy, and Mr. Daniel Chew, Head of Productions for Montagna Zone Sdn Bhd.
Safety first! Paramedics were on stand-by, just in case.
Interviewing one of the judges and one of the pioneers of Sport Climbing in Malaysia Mr. Alif Lim Kien Wei and a quick photo with Janell. I knew Janell from before and she had always wanted me to tryout rock-climbing. I’m glad I did!
Participants were given 10 minutes to study the wall and strategize their moves before getting started. This is known as the observation session in all climbing competitions.
Fareeda Yothasamutr and Thatthana Raksachat of Thailand, carefully applying their climbing skills on the wall.
ZENERGY Boulder Craze 2011 was the first rock climbing competition in Malaysia to feature night lighting effects.
The lighting effects transformed the whole atmosphere at night, giving the wall a whole new and vibrant dimension. It was definitely something different for the participants themselves.
1st place winner of the Men’s category was Hafzanizam Bukhary and for the Women’s category, Xu Liting.

 Winning the Men’s category was 29 year-old Malaysian climber, Hafzanizam Bukhary. With ten years of climbing experience under his belt, he gained massive support from the crowd that night as he navigated the paths that other contestants found impossible.

The Women’s category was won by 23-year-old Singaporean Xu Liting, who started climbing at the age of 14 but only began training hard at the sport since 2009. She has won a number of climbing events in the last two years, including emerging as the Lead Climbing champion in the Putrajaya Challenge Park Extreme Games in December 2010 and taking 1st place in Bouldering during Climb On 2010 in Singapore.

Congratulations to the both of them!

To get updates on upcoming sports events like this, check out the  ZENERGY Facebook page and hit ‘Like’ to get the latest news in your feed.

If you’re looking to tryout a new sport, take up climbing! There are 2 major climbing gyms in Kuala Lumpur – the one I went to was CAMP5 and another worth checking out is MadMonkeyz Climbing Gym.

I would love to hear from you. Feel free to suggest others!

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  1. Rock climbing is certainly a great exercise to tone up our entire bodies as well as to burn some fats. It mostly helps to build lean muscle mass, which in turn results in higher metabolism and quicker fat loss!

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