CreativeHome December Issue: Get Prim & Proper With Me

Hey guys! So I’ve shared a number of health & fitness tips to help you get trim and tighter through this blog and various magazine articles…

This time, CreativeHome gave me a chance to share something different – my home living habits! A clean home = a healthier, junk-free lifestyle.

Check out their 1st revamped (December) issue now 🙂

If you don't see me at the gym, I'm either at home or the supermarket!

 Some behind-the-scene photos…

Wearing Leann Maxima & Paul Smith
Kinda sad but true: "When I was younger, I enjoyed cleaning the house more than playing with Barbie."
Shooting the cover
Getting the right pose can get a bit frustrating at times... Sometimes I just want to give up!
Guess who ordered that mango yogurt drink? 😛

Starting Clean With Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets

You would all know how I make fitness an integral part of my daily lifestyle. Cultivating a regular exercise regime allows me to maintain a radiant and clear complexion which all girls seek for. For myself, I always go the extra mile to take care of my skin.

Whenever I’ve plans to hit the gym, I make it a point to remove all my makeup. This is a especially crucial step when you know you’re going to be working up a sweat. All that pore clogging foundation simply can’t be good for your skin while you’re sweating it out. When your ring of eyeliner smudges, all I can say is that panda eyes are not normally a look you’d want to sport at the gym!

I keep it simple with lightly drawn brows and lip stain. Keep the rest of your face make-up free. However, if you must use eyeliner, skip the pencil and line your lower lash line with dark eye shadow instead to avoid smudging.

You’ll be getting that natural flush while working up a sweat, so you can pass on the blusher.

I used to travel around with not one, but TWO bottles of make-up remover — one for the face and another specifically just for removing waterproof make-up. They are definitely a hassle to lug around but we often don’t wash our face thoroughly enough to remove all the make-up. I simply can’t take any chances with my skin.

Today I’ve found a handy product that saves me from that dreaded makeup removal routine.

Kick out the troublesome steps now!

Introducing Biore’s Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets!

As a daily skincare regime, I use Biore’s Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets for my skin to look at its best. Whether is it prior to hitting the gym, post workout or after a long day of being out and about, it never fails to thoroughly rid my face free of make-up or dirt. These sheets are gentle on my skin and did you know it’s totally alcohol-free? This makes it suitable for almost all skin types.

I usually pack light for the gym, as I prefer to change and shower back at home. My gym essentials are: A fitness magazine, daily workout plan, gym gloves, towel, music, eyedrops, hand sanitizer, body mist, hair tie and of course, Biore’s 10-sheet handy pack to help me freshen up before and after my workout.

For those who actively work out like me, you’d be glad to know these sheets definitely come in handy. Here’s how I removed my make-up in just 3 easy steps with Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets.

Step 1:  Place the cotton sheet firmly over your eye

Step 2: Hold for 5 seconds (let it do its magic!)

Step 3: Wipe swiftly!

Each cotton sheet is plentifully soaked with smooth cleansing oil, which dissolves even the toughest of makeup. Upon removal, I realized the skin around my delicate eye area felt soft and supple. It’s probably because these sheets also contain moisturizing agents, which basically fulfilled double beauty duties for me. Finally I can spare my precious peepers from all that tugging and rubbing.

You can see how effectively it removes the make-up without leaving a single smudge. Kudos to Biore!

After removing my eye make-up, I used another sheet to clean the rest of my face. You’ll need at least 2 sheets to thoroughly remove all your make-up; depending on how heavy it is.

All set for the gym now!

This is what I personally like about it:

1)     The 10-sheet pack is convenient to carry around. It’s light and fits right in your pocket. Perfect for traveling or when you’re on the go.

2)     The refillable, 48-sheet pack comes in a cute, pink container which helps to keep the cotton sheets moist, down till the very last piece!

3)     The sheets double as a face freshener especially after working out. Helps to remove existing dirt and sebum to prevent clogged pores.

4)     The smooth cleansing oil thoroughly removes waterproof mascara and facial makeup without leaving a greasy film on your skin

Biore cotton facial sheets have sold over 3.6 million packets in Japan in 1 year alone, which explains why Biore is the No.1 make-up remover in Japan and Singapore!

It comes in 3 sizes, including the 10-sheet handy pack that is light and convenient to bring to the gym or anywhere you go.

A must-have in every girl’s gym bag!