Abdominals are the most difficult muscle groups to train, but they are also very important. The stronger the abdominals the more stable the back and overall physique. Strong abdominals contribute to “core strength”; this is the ability of the abs and back to correctly support your spine. When core muscles are weak an imbalance is created, you have to take care of this. One way is exercise, I know it is a dirty word, but it’s the only way to help with or prevent back pain and other problems. Improve your posture, train your back and get those abs.

You can’t go wrong with these next few exercises.

Upright row. One-arm dumbbell row. Bent-over row. Seated row. T-bar row. Back extension (with weights). Front chin-up (with assistance). Front lateral pulldowns.

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3 thoughts on “My Favorite Back Workouts

  1. Hi Fay!
    I’m a fourteen year old who is trying to keep fit. I was wondering whether you could recommend some suitable work out methods as some of them are pretty hardcore for my age. Would appreciate it if you could 🙂 Thanks.

    P/S: I admire your determination and the way you take care of your body.

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