Scored my FIRST music video appearance as the female lead in ‘Love Like This’! The song is by Korean singer, Lee An, in collaboration with Malaysian violinist, Dennis Lau.

Listen to a snippet of the song here:

The shoot was a lot of fun but I was dead tired by the end of it because we shot everything in a day. We started at around 10am (the crew came even earlier to setup!) and wrapped up at just after midnight. The music video is set to be released on TV in a couple more weeks but meanwhile here’s a little preview!

I play the love interest between both Lee An and Dennis in the music video. It was a "love triangle"...
Not easy to apply make-up when the weather's all warm and humid!
Does this remind you Twilight? Hehe šŸ™‚
A quick snap with Lee An
Caught in a love triangle between Lee An & Dennis. What would happen in the end?

Stay tuned for the music video to find out!

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