I’ve been seeing a lot of these “Shit ___ Say” videos on YouTube and some are pretty damn hilarious. The first one I saw was “Shit Girls Say“. And then there’s “Shit Asian Girls Say“… Check out the rest on YouTube yourself but THIS ONE you definitely gotta watch… Some of the quotes are pretty dead on.

Shit Women Say To Personal Trainers

“I think I need somemore cardio.”
“So, what do I have to eat to lose weight?”
“I feel like this is making me bulkier!”
“How many calories should I eat?”
“Squats, AGAIN?”
“I’ll just do somemore cardio and I’ll BURN IT OFF.”
“Push ups? NOO aahhh.”
“I’m like getting fatter. And then getting bulkier? And like, I exercise and eating healthier but like, nothing is happening.”


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