I’m blessed! I’ve always been an adidas girl for as long as I’ve done sports so I was thrilled to hear that they wanted me to be a part of their new women’s campaign. In line with their new Spring/Summer 2012 Sport & Style collection, the campaign is inspired by next generation athletes who embody the adidas brand anthem ‘adidas is all in’. Now I don’t know about you, but when I put on my adidas, I feel like I’m ready to take on any challenge! That’s exactly what this campaign is about – it’s for women who dare.

So a few weeks ago, I did a video shoot with adidas. The video was released 2 weeks later at the media event held at Teeq & Rootz in Kuala Lumpur. Here it is…

Absolutely LOVED the campaign photos too!


Some outtakes from the shoot…

Minimal make-up, high-tops & a whole load of ass-kicking.
I had quite a workout that day! It was pretty much a full-day of exercise, haha!

 The media event was hosted by Hansen Lee and the show kicked off with this group of fitness instructors who definitely HAD THE MOVES! 😉

At the media event showcasing the new adidas Spring/Summer 2012 Women’s collection. These girls did an amazing, high energy performance involving aerobics, dance and combat! Loved it!
With host, Hansen Lee 🙂

 Thank you for all the support and the love on my blog. I never expected that it would take me this far and I’m so grateful to YOU, my readers! YOU keep me going and this blog rolling.  I’m pleased to share that I’m currently taking a personal training course with ACE Fitness (about time!) as I realized that THIS is what I really want to get into. So here’s to another chapter in my fitness journey… Carpe diem!

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