Currently Under Intense Training…

Phew! Excuse me while I try to catch my breath and wipe off this sweat because I just had an INTENSE workout today! Less than 2 more weeks to go before the end of the New Body Challenge so I gotta train even harder if I want to see RESULTS. My progress photos are looking good but between this week and last week’s photo, the difference isn’t much so I definitely need to step it up a notch…

To be toned, you gotta be strong!
Kettlebell training with Adrian, my PT, at True Fitness Kenanga (KL).
I got a 6kg kettlebell which I use for working out at home!
I love using the PowerPlate especially to ease muscle soreness after a workout.
This is what my daily food intake typically looks like. I prepare all my meals at home so I know exactly what I’m putting into my food and to avoid the extra sprinkle of salt/sugar!
Pre & post workout nutrition. I’m also taking other supplements from Maximuscle and Maxitone which I’ll talk about in the New Body Challenge video when it’s out!