Singapore: Yoga Movement

A fellow friend just opened up her own yoga studio so I went there to check it out when I was in Singapore recently.

Hot yoga is great for detox and overall rejuvenation! I usually do a 10-minute basic yoga exercise in the morning to start the day. Besides that, I try to go for hot yoga class at least once a week, combined with 3 days of resistance training and 2 days of light cardio workout when I can.

Yoga Movement is conveniently located right opposite Central mall (Clarke Quay station). Across the road from Cheers.

We’re not for the young
But for the youthful at heart
We’re for the big & the small
For the short & the tall

We’re for the weekend warriors
The after work & over worked
We’re for the yoga rookies
And the all-star levitating super yogi

Our belief is YOUR belief in YOUR practice
Take from it what you will…

One inch closer to touching your toes
A half a second deeper breath
A relaxing hour away from the kids
A step closer to your inner awareness.

We have no locks or keys
No chains or whips
Come as you please
Our studio is your sanctuary

Yoga IS the movement

– Yoga Movement

Love the simplistic design of the studio.
Trust. Om.
Cute poster! I sweat like beast in the hot yoga room so a big bottle of Evian is my all-time BFF at every session.
I was pleasantly surprised when Alicia played music from Massive Attack during our hot yoga class!

That was actually the first time I ever did yoga with music playing in the background and it was indeed a pleasant experience. Very relaxing and definitely set the mood. Her selections from Massive Attack was a great choice.

With my sister Alyssa and the gorgeous woman behind Yoga Movement, Alicia Pan 🙂

Hey, count me in for next year’s Summer Solstice Practice (it’s a ‘Once A Year’ thing…)!

Summer Solstice Practice: On 23rd Jun, Yoga Movement celebrated a belated longest day of the year in a 90 minute candlelight practice.

Check out the Yoga Movement Facebook page for more beautiful photos and inspiring words.