Unleashing The Real Man


There are many reasons why couples can get along so well together. Similar interests or the ability to make each other laugh (and cry) are key ingredients in a healthy relationship.

However, there are also some unconventional factors that contribute to that attraction. For most women, it’s all about that MASCULINITY, and what else would make you want to lean closer (or farther) if not for his scent?

Well hello, I sure would like to know if you smell as fresh as the seawater…

Now there’s a reason why most bath products these days are catered specifically for men and women separately. Women generally wouldn’t use a men’s body wash because it isn’t moisturizing enough for the skin or the scent might be too strong. Most men on the other hand, don’t see anything wrong with smelling like a bed of flowers as long as they feel clean.

Ladies, it’s time to put your foot down and stop your man from using any regular body wash because Dettol High Performance for Men Shower Gel will not just give them the deep down clean they need, it will leave them smelling like a real man should – STRONG, FRESH & MASCULINE. Like a macho man!

Listen up boys! If you wouldn’t wear women’s perfume, you shouldn’t share the same body wash as your partner. I think the only bathroom product I share with Charles is toothpaste.

Get this straight: Women love the smell of flowers, but not on dudes.

What I like about Dettol High Performance for Men Shower Gel is its long-lasting, manly fragrance.

It’s the kind of smell I’d imagine The Rock or Chris Hemsworth would smell like… just sayin’.

Try the EXTREME:

(I personally like this one on Charles!) It kills 99% of germs and cleanses deep down for all-day freshness.


Also kills 99% of germs while cleansing deep down and replace essential moisture, leaving your skin feeling smooth and hydrated.

To find out which Dettol High Performance for Men Shower Gel suits you best, try the ‘Unleash The Man’ survey to discover your real man persona!

You’ll even stand a chance to win SGD50 worth of manly Dettol goodies just by doing this quick survey. That’s enough supply to last you up to 6 months, or even a year for men who… use very little soap.

You’ll be asked 5 survey questions before you’re led to this page where you’ll be asked to choose a photo for your final manly mug.

Make sure you choose a good ID type of photo and use the buttons to center the eye line.

I think my result was pretty spot on…

Okay, so this app is obviously more suitable for men… That’s why I think Charles’ final photo is a very good example of a REAL MAN!

Macho, macho man! I wanna be… a macho man!

The lucky 50th person that takes the survey of the day will stand a stance to win SGD50 worth of manly Dettol goodies!

There will be one winner each day while the contest runs between 18 July 2012 to 3 August 2012!

Good luck!