Swiss Cheese, Cailler Chocolates & Chateau De Chillon

Remember when I told you all the good things start with the letter C? This is definitely true in Switzerland! I’ve just discovered that the best cheese and chocolate is right here in Vevey. The reason behind it? I’ll give you a hint: Happy cows.

When in Switzerland, you gotta get Cailler chocolates! You won’t find this anywhere else (I think), especially in Asia.

Finally got to visit a castle too! It was in my bucketlist.

Chateu De Chillon

I haven’t hit the gym since I went on this trip, but my little feet have had quite a “walk out”. Even with an abundance of cheese and chocolate, I make sure I eat in moderation. That’s key!

Au revoir, Vevey!

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Catching a flight to Amsterdam to meet Charles now!