“Colds are awesome, because when you wake up in the morning, and the cold has disappeared, you realize how great it is to feel great, and the world is just waiting for you to spin it fast and fun.”-AB

The Jatomi Fitness Energy Studio is taking spinning class to another level with this scenic background. Gotta drop in for a class soon!

I’m always happy to hear about new gyms opening up because the demand for it goes to show that more people want to be active and stay in shape. Jatomi Fitness at Tropicana City Mall (Malaysia) popped up not too long ago and I was the host at their official opening. Besides providing new and advanced equipments such as the Queenax and Curve treadmills (used in astronaut training by NASA and help users burn up to 30% more calories than conventional treadmills), it also features 3 distinct studios – “Mind“, “Body” and “Energy” which is specially designed, dedicated areas for yoga and pilates, group exercise and spin classes respectively.

Sprinting is a fastest way to get the heart rate up! Jatomi Fitness offers this 30-metre running track in the gym so you can keep your blood pumping throughout your entire workout session.

Jatomi Fitness instructors run 4 new training routines for gym floor users free of charge on a weekly basis, to encourage and challenge members. I hear they also give fitness talks to get you motivated in of the studios which makes it quite unique and different than other gyms I’ve been to. Worth checking out!

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