Chaos Comes To Paradise

It’s Day 2 on Axe Anarchy Island and the Axe team had even more adventurous activities lined up for us. This time, we’re leaving the comfort of our resort and heading out to the jungle!

David and I signed up for zip-lining because we heard it's the longest in Belize...
David and I signed up for zip-lining because we heard it’s the longest in Belize…
Britt (Belgium), Fran (Chile and Angie (Colombia)! It's like Miss Universe :P
Britt (Belgium), Fran (Chile and Angie (Colombia) on our way to Bocawina for a zip-lining adventure. Looks like we were just missing our Miss Universe sashes, haha!

8 zip-line routes across half a mile (almost 1km!) through the dense Belizean forest. I was first in line and to be honest, I was a little nervous about making my first jump. But after the first zip-line course, I fell in love with the adrenaline!

I screamed random words like “Arrrribbaaa” and “I’m the king of the world” while zip-lining. I tried to scream at the top of my lungs throughout the entire course but it was way too long and I had to catch my breath a couple of times!

longest zipline in belize
So much fun to be tarzans for the day!

20 of us took turns to zip-line through the pristine canopy of the Mayflower Bocawina National Forest. This took up pretty much the whole day and we returned to the resort just in time for dinner. Then, our first night of partying commenced!

With DJ Freddy Jay from France
With DJ Freddy Jay from France

The Axe girls sure knew how to hype up a party. 2 giant Tron dancers also made an appearance and showed off their moves … It was pretty amazing if I should say so myself, considering they were dancing on stilts!

Chaos comes to paradise!
Chaos comes to paradise!
These girls have been busy workin' out all day!
These girls were busy workin’ out at the gym all day while we were away doing our activities. Look at dem bodies!

I had the leave a day earlier than everyone else but I made sure David was in good hands…

David was in good hands.
The Axe Effect. In FULL effect!

If you’re curious to see what a REAL party is about, check out what happened on Day 2 and Day 3!

An Introduction To Axe Anarchy Island (Psst, It’s Somewhere In The Caribbean…)

Earlier this year, sometime around summer, Axe held a a global Facebook contest where they selected 60 winners from 19 countries to come together to party on an exotic island they named the ‘Axe Anarchy Island‘.

It’s somewhere in the Caribbean sea, and yes, they’ve got the whole island.

The campaign was held quite differently in every country. I heard the guys from South America had to play a Facebook game and invite friends to win. For Axe Malaysia, contestants were asked to send in their best beach photo. That’s easy… but in order to win, you (and your photo) must really had to stand out . The winner gets to bring his best buddy to party on Axe Anarchy Island with me and 20 Axe girls! Everyone knows I’m fun to party with 😛

10 guys from Malaysia were shortlisted by Axe and I got to the final winner…

Axe Malaysia Winner - David Chau

David’s photo fit all the criteria – 1) he chose a photo of him on the beach, 2) he’s already rocking a tan, 3) he’s obviously spent some time in the gym too. He looks ALL SET for Axe Anarchy Island. Not to mention I think the Axe girls will love him too. The best part about winning is he gets to share a free vacation with his best buddy!

Nuffnang held a blogging contest for this campaign as well, check out who and why Sha won! Sha brought his lovely fiancé, Suwen, and I finally got to meet David and his homie, Shen (both originally from Malacca), at Kuala Lumpur airport just before we all embarked on this trip together.

It was a long flight to our final airport destination in Belize, but we made the most out of it and took the chance to get to know each other a little better. We shared a lot of laughs and silly jokes. They were a fun bunch to travel with!

We made it to Belize after more than 30 hours traveling from one airport to another. Phew! The last time I was in Central America was back in 2008 when I did my first backpacking trip to Guatemala. The weather was all the same – tropical and sunny. Just like how it is near the equator. I can’t wait to get my tan on!

From Belize airport, we boarded a smaller plane that took us to ‘Paradise Resort’ in Placencia Island where we spent the night so we could recharge before going to Axe Anarchy Island the following day. I was so glad to jump in the shower and sleep on a proper bed. Everyone was quite amazed that I could sleep throughout pretty much the entire flight, but my body was aching everywhere. Nothing beats proper sleep on a bed with fluffy pillows.

View from my hotel balcony. A preview of what’s to come…

The next day, Suwen and I explored a bit of Placencia before heading off to Axe Anarchy Island.

Wooden 'kampung' houses on Placencia island.
Wooden houses. Kampung style.
Carpenter's workshop.
Snuck a photo at this carpenter’s workshop. He didn’t seem to mind.
Suwen and I bumped into this local dude who generously offered us fresh coconut!
The locals were friendly. We bumped into this guy who generously offered us fresh coconut which he ‘happened’ to pick that day.
Soaking up the sun.
Soaking up the sun. Getting a pre-tan!
Tracy prepared everyone's breakfast and made sure we all stayed 'hydrated' ;)
Tracy was the owner of the Paradise Resort. She made sure everyone had their breakfast and stayed ‘hydrated’ 😉 She was so lovely and made everyone feel right at home.
Our ride to Axe Anarchy Island!
Now, the REAL chaos is about the begin. This was our ride to Axe Anarchy Island. A speed boat no less…

We were joined with other winners from all parts of the world from Thailand to Trinidad. Like I said, 60 guys and girls from 19 different countries! The guy to girl ratio? 5 : 1

This trip was a treat especially for the Axe men!

Joined with
Guys from Thailand and Ecuador. Fran was one of the few girls who also won the trip, she’s from Chile!
The excitement
20 Axe girls waited eagerly for our arrival.
We were welcomed on Axe Anarchy Island by the Axe girls, who had drinks prepared
To get the party started, we were welcomed with drinks and all the guys took this opportunity to take plenty with the Axe girls so they can show off to friends back home 😛
Our names were personalized on a board and tagged in every room.
We then settled in to our designated rooms. I love how the Axe team thoughtfully personalized each door with our names.
Our rooms
Axe Anarchy Island was set at Robert’s Grove, a beautiful private resort on one of the many islands in Belize. Everyone received a welcome pack containing a beach towel and a few essential Axe products that came in quite handy later…
Roll out the wet carpet and let's play slip and slide!
They weren’t kidding when they said this was going to be a wet and wild party!
Roll out the wet carpet and let's play slip and slide!
Always accompanied with an Axe girl. All the guys waited in line to get in on the action too!

Ever heard of blobbing? It has got to be one of the highlights that evening…

We had this huge air bag called the blob. Sit on one end of the blob and get someone to jump on the other end. The bigger the impact, the higher you’ll get launched up the air!

Here’s a video (taken by Sha) of me on the blob!


Jet lag started to creep in as the sun went down but most of us were having too much fun to care. After dinner, the chaos continued with a game of beer pong, initiated by one of the guys from the UK.

Beer pong 101. Nobody cared about the rules! But we were all into it!
It was a friendly game, I swear!

This video sums up the whole evening…

Our next venture on Axe Anarchy Island lurks around the corner. Stay tuned!