These 20 year-old DJ duo from Netherlands did it just right. Team Obama!

Check out Vicetone (feat Obama!) -Hope and download the mp3 for your iPod. If you Like their Facebook page you can get even more good tracks. Very generous 🙂

Did you guys watch Barack Obama’s inaugural speech? Gave me a few good goosebumps…

Speaking of America, I saw ‘Argo‘ yesterday and man, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Definitely an award-winning flick. Ben Affleck did good on this one (he directed and starred on the film).

One thought on “Gym Jam: Vicetone feat. Obama – Hope

  1. Fay,

    I have to part ways with you regarding President Obama’s inauguration speech.

    Very little substance was offered. If anything, the speech was more a glorifeid campaign speech.

    The problem is, he has been President for four years, and aside from digging the United States into record debt. He has courted dictators, insulted long time allies, forced the populace of the U.S.A into a nearly universal health care program that has cost that are now projected to sky rocket during the next several years.
    I did not experience any goosebumgs. A few shivers ran down my spine as I now fear for the future of the United States and freedom loving people around the world.

    The Hope and Change envisioned during his first fours years, has morphed into we hope he does not change anything else.

    Most everything President Obama has touched turns bad in a year or two or three.

    Green energy for example. Solyndra, 123 Power to name a few green energy companies that the President spent nealyr a billion USD propping up. Only to have these companies go bankrupt.

    Hundreds of millions of more dollars are wasted on other green companies. The problem is these companies have few investors, products that are not competitive and often designed with dated technology.

    Perhap Fay should spend her next four years on this side of the Pacific.


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