The Perfect Deadlift Form

Anyone know who this is? Looks like Erin Stern to me!

Things to keep in mind when doing deadlifts:

Don’t arch your back (or roll it in the other direction). Keep your abs tight the ENTIRE TIME, and keep your back straight.
Keep the bar as close to you as possible – almost roll it up your shins until you get to your knees, and then almost roll it up your thighs until you’re upright.
As you bring it past your knees, don’t think about pulling up with your back, thrust in with your hips (um, that’s what she said? COME ON)
Keep your head up and chest out as you lift – this will help you keep your back aligned properly.
As you bring the weight up, you want your legs to straighten out simultaneously as your hips come in completely – form a straight line at the same time with your hips, knees and feet.

Need a running BOOST?

Adidas just released their latest running innovation called the adidas BOOST. I was given a pair of the running shoes to try out and I gotta tell you; these babies are so comfortable I’m still wearing them right now after a workout!

With my fellow adidas girl Linora and Soraya from adidas
Dropped by the adidas HQ and met with my fellow adidas girl Linora and Soraya from adidas.
A late Christmas gift from adidas... The shoe box had my name on it!
A late Christmas gift from adidas. All these goodies which came in a shoe box with my name on it!
Soft cushioning. Bouncy. Light. Boost.
Soft cushioning. Bouncy. Light. Boost.

The stretch, breathable mesh material on the shoe offers the fit of a sock. Minimal stitchings inside the shoe means less irritation on your skin so it’s totally ok to go without socks. My feet get really sweaty when I run so I prefer to wear socks to avoid stinky shoes 😛

The right fit ensures support and helps stabilize the feet when on the move.

Run. Better. Faster.
Run. Better. Faster. (Excuse the angry face, I was pretty tired after a run on the mill!)

The Energy Boost retails at RM550 for both men and women and is now available (limited quantities) at the adidas Sports Performance Concept Stores in Suria KLCC (Level 3) and Sunway Pyramid (Level 2). In conjunction with the launch, from now up till 24th February 2013, you can pre-order your very own Energy Boost at

Check it out!


It’s The Month Of L.O.V.E.

January was a busy month and it went by so quickly! It seems that everyone’s been keeping occupied with work and doing their best to stick to those new years resolutions. Has anything in your daily habits changed since the start of 2013? Have you been eating breakfast? Brush your teeth before bed at night?  It’s still not too late to take some time to write down those resolutions and start fresh habits.

February is the month of L.O.V.E. and everyone knows this because of Valentines’ Day. If you aren’t seeing someone or haven’t got a date, just remember what L.O.V.E. stands for –  Love Often and Value Everyone!

I did a 2nd interview with Taste e-magazine (check out the first one here), this time with Charlie since it’s for Valentines’ Day. They featured an interesting topic on “couples who found love the unexpected way”. Taste is an e-magazine published by Purple Sage (a boutique caterer in Singapore). For more on Food and Love (oh, the two totally go hand-in-hand!) check out their February 2013 issue.

Taste magazine February 2013 issue
Taste magazine February 2013 issue

Taste is doing another giveaway this month. Woohoo! Don’t miss out page 26 of the e-magazine to find out how you can win a box of  Hediard Macarons this Valentine’s Day. Get on it now because contest ends 3pm 8th February Friday!

Taste Giveaway Hediard Valentine