What is beauty? In my eyes, Strength.

Fitness training and physique development are a reflection of self-discipline, focus and drive. I progressed through challenges and setbacks and learned that hardwork and consistency does not just apply in training, but also in Life. I feel stronger as a person when I achieve my goals.

To be strong spiritually and physically, that’s beautiful. Beauty inside out.

Check out this new Under Armor video that perfectly shows the true meaning of beauty in strength.

So what is beauty to you?

From April 2013 to October 2013, CooperVision‘s new ‘Live Brightly’ campaign is promoting a monthly installment of different #iSee_ themes. For the month of May, the theme is #iseebeauty . You may have noticed this hashtag in some of my photos on Instagram ( @fayhokulani ).

 To enter this contest, Like the Coopervision page and follow this link to submit your #iseebeauty photos. You may also share the photo on Instagram with the #iseebeauty hash tag. The winning image will win 3 months worth of CooperVision contact lenses and prizes of your choice worth up to $1000.

Here are some of my recent submissions:

iseebeauty photo submissions

One more week to go before the end of the #iseebeauty theme. Start submitting yours now!

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  1. Beauty is freedom: to go, do and be exactly what you want. To express yourself truthfully and fully. It is within and flows out through you.. to all that you touch 🙂

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